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Clerk / Treasurer's Office

Darcy VanErmanDarcy VanErman

125 North Wayne Street
Office located on Main Level
(765) 724-2541

Dear Esteemed Citizens of Alexandria,

I pen these lines with a profound sense of appreciation and humility, cognizant of the profound privilege bestowed upon me as your Clerk Treasurer. The opportunity to serve in this capacity is not merely an assignment of duty but a profound calling to stewardship, one that I approach with the utmost reverence and intellectual rigor.

In assuming the mantle of Clerk Treasurer, I find myself immersed in the rich tapestry of our community's fiscal landscape, a realm governed by the principles of transparency, accountability, and strategic foresight. It is a domain where each decision holds profound implications for the collective prosperity and well-being of our citizenry.

My gratitude knows no bounds for the unwavering support and trust vested in me by our discerning residents, esteemed colleagues, and esteemed elected officials. Their intellectual acumen and sagacious guidance serve as beacons illuminating the path toward fiscal prudence and enlightened governance.

As custodian of our community's financial affairs, I am committed to stewarding the intricacies of budgetary management with the virtuosity of economic empowerment. Through prudent allocation of resources and judicious investment strategies, we endeavor to cultivate an environment conducive to sustainable growth and equitable prosperity.

I am profoundly indebted to those whose sagacity has shaped my course. Their erudition and mentorship have endowed me with a profound appreciation for the ethos of public stewardship and the imperative of intellectual rigor in governance.

In conclusion, I extend my deepest gratitude to you, the Alexandria citizen, for your intellectual curiosity and discerning engagement. I remain steadfast in my commitment to advancing the collective welfare and intellectual prosperity of our cherished community.

With profound appreciation,

Darcy A. VanErman

Clerk Treasurer
City of Alexandria