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Parks Department

Home to the Madison County 4-H Fair, the Emery Lee Facility, and the Alexandria Pool, we have multiple facilities for your Family event - Big or Small!

The Alexandria Swimming Pool

5 Olympic Lanes | 1 Kiddie Pool | 1 Intermediate Pool | Diving Board | 2-Story Slide
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The Emery Lee Facility

Available for rent for your next group, family or business event. | Call to make your reservations (765) 724-4633
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The Bob Rogers Facility

Available for rent for your next group, family or business event. | Call to make your reservations (765) 724-4633
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Alexandria Department of Parks and Recreation

Board Members

Mike Thomas - President,  Kyle Williams-School,  Kim Terry-Library,  Alan Erwin,

Jennifer Ward, and Laura Jean Rowe

The Alexandria Park Board meetings are held at the Emery Lee building at 6:00 pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Department of Parks and Recreation  (City Code of Ordinances §30.70)

(A)  Department of Parks and Recreation.  There is hereby established a Department of Parks and Recreation to be controlled and operated by the Park and Recreation Board established pursuant to IC 36-10-3, with a Board that is to include two ex officio members.  ('76 Code, § 9-16)

(B)  Composition of Department.  The Department shall be composed of a Board of Parks and Recreation, a Superintendent, and any other personnel the Board determines necessary.  ('76 Code, § 9-17)

(C)  Board composition.  The Board of Parks and Recreation shall be composed of four regular members, plus as ex officio members, a member of the Board of School Trustees and a member of the Library Board.  ('76 Code, § 9-18)

(D)  Selection of Members of Board
(1)  The Mayor shall select the regular members of the Board of Parks and Recreation on the basis of their interest in and knowledge of parks and recreation, but not more than two of them shall be of the same political party.
(2)  The ex officio members shall be selected by their respective boards.
('76 Code, § 9-19)

(E)  Term of member of Boards.  The term of office of any member of the Board of Parks and Recreation shall be four years, expiring on the first Monday of January; provided, however, that an appointee shall continue in office until his successor is appointed.  ('76 Code, § 9-20)

(F)  Annual organization of Board.  At its first regular meeting in each year, the Board shall elect a President and a Vice-President.  The Vice-President shall have authority to act as the president of the Board during the absence or disability of the President.  ('76 Code, § 9-21)

(G)  Powers of the Board generally.  The Board shall have the general power to perform all acts necessary to acquire and develop sites and facilities to conduct programs as are generally understood to be park and recreation functions, including all the powers and duties specifically granted to it by statutory law.  ('76 Code, § 9-22)

(H)  Power of Board to create Advisory Council.  The Board may create an Advisory Council and special committees composed of citizens interested in the problem of parks and recreation in accordance with law.  ('76 Code, § 9-23)

(I)  Power of Board to accept gifts, donations and subsidies.  The Board may accept gifts, donations and subsidies for park and recreation purposes.  ('76 Code, § 9-24)

(J)  Board to submit budget.  The board shall prepare and submit an annual budget in the same manner as other departments of government. ('76 Code, § 9-25)
(Ord. 892, passed 11-27-67; Am. Ord. 1160, passed 8-29-83)