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Minutes of the May 2009 Commission Meeting  link


  1. Results of Ivy Tech Community College Remediation Pilot Projects  link 
  2. Overview of May 2009 Revenue Forecast, Governor's Budget Recommendation, and Status of Special Session  link 
  3. Non-Binding Tuition and Mandatory Fees Tuition Targets, Net Tuition Discussion  link 
  4. Results of the 2008-09 Learn More Indiana Annual - Career and College Survey of Students in Grades 9 and 11, and Update on Learn More Indiana Strategic Plan for 2009-10  link
  5. Website Redesign and Improvements  link


  1. Academic Degree Programs
    1. Doctor of Philosophy in Economics To Be Offered by Indiana University Through Its IUPUI Campus  link 
    2. Academic Degree Programs on Which Staff Propose Expedited Action  link
      • M.S. in Education to be offered by Purdue University West Lafayette Statewide via Distance Education Technology
      • T.C./A.A.S./A.S. in Hospitality Administration to be offered by Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana-Columbus at Columbus
      • B.S. in Nursing (Generic) to be offered by Indiana University Indianapolis at Columbus
  2. Capital Projects
    1. Cinema Theatre/Drama Renovation at Indiana University Bloomington  link 
    2. Capital Projects on Which Staff Propose Expedited Action  link
      • Renovation of McNutt and Teter Quad Restrooms at Indiana University Bloomington
  3. FY2009 Improving Teacher Quality Partnership Program Request for Proposals (RFP)  Link
  4. Approval of Ivy Tech Community College Accelerated Associate Degree Pilot Project Contract  link
  5. Acceptance of Project Lead the Way Principles in Biomedical Sciences as a Science Elective for Meeting Core 40 Requirements  link
  6. Election of Officers  link
  7. Calendar of Upcoming Commission Meetings  link


  1. Status of Active Requests for New Academic Degree Programs  link 
  2. Capital Improvement Projects on Which Staff Have Acted link
  3. Capital Improvement Projects Awaiting Action  link
  4. Minutes of the May Commission Working Sessions  link

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