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Pick Your PCP

If you are covered by one of the State of Indiana’s medical plans, please choose a primary care physician (PCP) in the Anthem network (either Tier 1 HealthSync or Tier 2 In-Network). If you do not choose a PCP, Anthem will automatically pair you with one in your area.

Anthem requires that you have a PCP because those who have a relationship with a PCP are:

  • More likely to seek preventive care—identifying problems before they grow into something more difficult and costly to treat.
  • Less likely to have preventable emergency room visits and hospital admissions.
  • More likely to save on out-of-pocket costs for both primary and specialist care.

How to Designate a PCP

  • Log into your account at or via Anthem’s Sydney app. If you do not have an online account, you will need to create one before proceeding.
  • Go to the Care Team section
    • Website: Click on the Care tab and select “Care Team”
    • Sydney app: Go to the menu and scroll down to select “Care Team”
  • Review providers listed and designate PCP
    • If your PCP is listed: Click on the name and select “Assign as PCP”
    • If your PCP is NOT listed:
      • Use the search bar to search by name, specialty or zip code
      • Click on the “Add to Care Team” blue button
      • Once added to your care team, click on “Assign as PCP”

Changing Your PCP

You can change your PCP at any time throughout the year. To change your PCP, follow the steps listed in the "How to Designate a PCP" section above.

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