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Federal Health Insurance Marketplace

Information about the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace

As a provision of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, beginning January 1, 2014 people who do not have health insurance coverage may pay a penalty.  Therefore, there will be health insurance options available through the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace with its open enrollment beginning October 1, 2013 and ending March 31, 2014. This coverage will be effective on or after January 1, 2014. You may visit to compare available plans, see if you qualify for lower premiums based on income, and to enroll in coverage. Please note: The Federal Health Insurance Marketplace open enrollment period should not be confused with the open enrollment period for the State employee health and benefit plans. 

The majority of employees of the State of Indiana will be eligible for insurance coverage through the State employee health and benefit plans. The insurance coverage offered to state employees does provide minimum essential coverage and meets the minimum value standard as defined by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  You should know that because the State employee health and benefit plans meet these requirements and are considered affordable (the employee’s share of the annual premium for at least one plan’s self-only coverage is no greater than 9.5% of annual household income) benefits eligible employees will not be able to receive a premium tax credit. This is true regardless of your income and family size.

For those employees who wish to apply for coverage through the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace you may be asked to provide certain information about your employer such as the name, address, and Employer Identification Number (EIN). This information is the same for most state employees. However, if you are a state employee who works within one of the following agencies your employer information, for purposes of filling out an application on the Marketplace, can be found by clicking on your agency name below. The Employer Identification Number (EIN) can be found on the New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options notice sent to all employees in late September or on your last W-2.

Bureau of Motor Vehicles Commission - View Employer Information

Indiana Board for Depositories - View Employer Information

Indiana Bond Bank - View Employer Information

Indiana Finance Authority - View Employer Information

Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority - View Employer Information

Indiana Stadium & Convention Building Authority - View Employer Information

Indiana State Fair Commission - View Employer Information

Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority - View Employer Information

Ports of Indiana - View Employer Information

Hoosier Lottery - View Employer Information

White River Park Development Commission - View Employer Information

Indiana State Museums and Historic Sites Corporation - View Employer Information

Indiana Public Retirement System - View Employer Information

Statewide 911 Board - View Employer Information


For all other agencies, the employer information is as follows:
State of Indiana
200 West Washington Street, Suite 144
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Phone: 317-232-1167 or 877-248-0007

For the information related to the State employee health and benefit plans needed to complete the Marketplace Employer Coverage Tool please refer to the eligibility requirements and the rates and plan information sections on the Benefits website.  To find your current medical plan policy number, please see your Anthem ID card.

If you should leave state employment you will have the option of continuing coverage under COBRA or Early Retiree Insurance (if you qualify), enrolling in an individual plan, or obtaining coverage through the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace.

Questions about this information or the benefits offered to State employees should be directed to the Benefits Hotline at 317-232-1167 (within Indianapolis) or 877-248-0007 (toll-free outside of Indianapolis).  You may also email the Benefits Team at