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Become an Automototive Salvage Recycler

Become an Automototive Salvage Recycler

Plates On-Demand Program

Plates On-Demand Program

Want to Become a Licensed Auto Dealer?

Want to Become a Licensed Auto Dealer?

Dealer Alerts

Urgent: You may have recently received an email that appears to have come from our office. The email was not originated from SOS and is spam. It also contains an attachment. Please do not open the attachment or respond to the email. The Dealer Services Division is working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

To protect your account, we highly recommend changing your online Dealer Account password as well as your email password.

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience.

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Complete Deficient Application Online

Beginning May 6, 2018, dealers are now able to complete certain application deficiencies from their online account.  A step-by-step guide can be found here.  This document, and other helpful information about your online account, can also be found at

Improved Dealer Search Functions and Valid Dealer List Update

Beginning January 21, you will be able to search for dealers using a new search feature available at:  Click on the Dealer Search tile.  Going forward, this is also where you will access the list of Valid Dealer Licenses.  The Division will no longer post a monthly spreadsheet listing Valid Dealer Licenses.  The new search feature provides dealer license statuses in real time, which can also be exported to Excel.  Note: in order to obtain a complete listing of valid dealer licenses, include both the status of “Valid” and “Probation.”

Request Additional Dealer Plates or an Increase in your Plate Limit Online!

As of January 21, licensed dealers can request additional dealer plates (metal) online from their account.  Dealers will also be able to submit a request for an increase in their dealer plate limit (both metal and interim/paper plates) from their online account.  For step-by-step instructions to request an additional plate, click here.  For step-by-step instructions to request an increase in plate limit, click here.

Initial License Applications Can Now Be Submitted Online!

Those wishing to apply for a license, can now do so online through our new dealer system.  Login at to get started.  You must have an Access Indiana/Azure account in order to login. Step-by-step instructions for completing the license application online can be found under Step 2  Completing the Application found at

Dealers Can Now Updated Plate Status and Request Replacement Plates Online!

Dealers can now report lost, stolen, or mutilated dealer license plates and request replacement plates from their online account.  For step-by-step instructions, please click here.

Auto Dealer Services Division Location

The Auto Dealer Services Division offices, including the drop-off window, have been relocated from room E-018 to E-111.  It is in the same building, but is now located on the first floor.

Online Renewals Now Live!

As of today, you may now complete your license renewal application online. Please read the following document for step-by-step instructions on important information: Online Renewal Guide. *Please do not submit more than 1 renewal.  Allow up to 30 minutes for the renewal item to appear on your Dashboard*

Advisory Letter - Department of Financial Institutions

On October 6, 2017,the Dept. of Financial Institutions issued a new advisory letter for lease-here, pay-here dealers. The letter can be found in full here and at DFI’s website.

BMV Policy Change

If a vehicle was traded, the BMV now requires that customers also bring in proof of the trade in order to transfer the license plate and receive a tax credit. The purchase invoice that shows the description of the vehicle trade may be used as proof. Additional details are available in this memo.

 Resources for Online Dealer Account Set-up/Maintenance

If you have questions about your online dealer account, please check out the resources available here .  You can also access this information by clicking on Online Dealer Account Info on the left side of the screen.  Updated FAQs have been posted.