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RSI Blog Archives

2021 Blog Posts

Planning the Perfect Summer Road Trip
To help riders plan a successful trip, we’ve put together some motorcycle road trip planning considerations and tips. Read More

2020 Blog Posts

Apr. 2020: Social Distancing Tips from Ride Safe Indiana
Has your normal routine been altered during this time of social distancing? We're here to help! Read More

Mar. 2020: Don't Push Your Luck—Ride Sober This March
The Indiana BMV and Indiana Criminal Justice Institute are reminding Hoosiers to ride sober for St. Patrick's Day and the NCAA tournament this month. Read More

Feb. 2020: Train Smart. Ride Smart. Ride Safe Indiana.
Before you take your motorcycle out of hibernation, make sure you have the proper insurance, registration, training and licensure. Read More

Jan. 2020: Countdown to Motorcycle Season...Are You Ready?
Motorcycle season is a little over a month away and Ride Safe Indiana wants you to be ready to take on the open road! Read More

2019 Blog Posts

Dec. 2019: Ride Safe Indiana's Guide to Gift Giving
Ride Safe Indiana has a few suggestions on what to get the motorcycle enthusiast on your list this year! Read More

Nov. 2019: Hibernation—Not Just for Bears
Make sure to properly store and maintain your motorcycle during cold weather months. Read More

Oct. 2019: Tips on Weathering the Fall Motorcycle Season
Fall weather is officially here to stay, but the arrival of cooler temps brings potential dangers to motorcyclists. Read More

Sept. 2019: Distracted Driving—A Moment Between Life or Death
With motorcycle season still in full swing, it’s important to stay vigilant and set all distractions aside. Read More

Aug. 2019: Ride Sober or Get Pulled Over
RSI and the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute reminds Hoosiers to ride sober or get pulled over this season. Read More

July 2019: It's all Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Pulled Over or Hurt
Did you know there are legal consequences if caught riding without the proper permit or motorcycle endorsement? Read More

July 2019: Which Bike is Right for You?
When it comes to choosing the right motorcycle for you, it is important to consider how the different types will benefit you. Read More

July 2019: Ride Smart, Ride Safe, Ride Sober
Did you know your chances of crashing increases by five times with any alcohol in your body? Read More

July 2019: Riding with Friends
Whether you’re out for a Sunday ride with friends or raising money for your favorite charity, group rides are always fun when done in a safe manner. Read More

July 2019: Don't Ride Drowsy
Factors other than alcohol and drugs can impair a motorcyclist’s judgement. Fatigue can affect your riding ability as well. Read More

July 2019: Just Like Life, the Roads can be Unpredictable
Indiana weather and road conditions can change in an instant. It's imporant to be aware of your surroundings. Read More

July 2019: In the Market for a New Ride?
There are some things you need to know before buying a new motorcycle. Read More

July 2019: Are You Road Ready?
Before hitting the open road, make sure you're road ready in the proper safety gear. Read More