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Creating Livable Communities (CLC)

2014 CLC Grants Awarded/Final Reports


  • The purpose of this program is to support community-based transportation/ land use projects that bring vitality to downtown areas, neighborhoods, station areas, commercial cores, and transit corridors. It will fund development and redevelopment projects.

Requirements / Eligibility:

  • Projects should be identified in the Livable Centers Map or Transit Corridor Area Map.
  • Projects must be possible to be implemented under existing codes/ordinances of the local government.

Eligible Recipients:

  • Local governments, transportation agencies, and community-based nonprofit organizations may receive funding.
  • Non-governmental organizations must partner with a local governmental agency.

Types of Grants:

  • CLC Planning: to fund planning projects (a Pre-development Plan) that revitalize existing centers, neighborhood, downtown, transit stop or transit corridors and to prepare projects to compete for grants in the Capital Projects category.
  • CLC Capital Projects: this category will provide funding for basic public infrastructure and site assembly to support development. Eligible projects are:
  • Expanding roadway capacity & intersection improvements, street construction, realignment and reconstruction.
  • Transit amenities and transit shelters.
  • Street lighting and signage, public pedestrian features like sidewalks, bike lanes, bike racks, crosswalks, and benches.
  • Public-use parking structures or the public portion of a shared public-private garage; and access projects,
  • Extensions/modifications or relocation to local public sewer and water lines, and storm water management improvements.
  • Right of way or easements for transportation facilities, retrofit project, land acquisition; demolition and removal of obsolete structures; and site preparation.
  • Design and engineering of public improvements.

Creating Livable Communities Report:


Metro Communities:

Large Communities:

Medium Communities:

Small Communities:


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