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Data Proficiency - Lesson Fifteen

Lesson 15: Data Context

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Data Proficiency Program Gold Badge This is the fifth lesson of Level 3 of the Data Proficiency Program. You're now working towards your Level 3 - Gold Badge. 

Throughout our lives, we all acquire various forms of literacy and use this knowledge to navigate the rapid, ever-changing nature of communication. The ability to effectively process the information we encounter is essential for thriving in today's modern world.

A critical component of this is data literacy – the capacity to absorb and analyze data. As professionals working for the state, we regularly encounter new information throughout our workdays. Yet, true comprehension allows us to apply our knowledge effectively and leads to better-informed decisions for our work teams, our agencies and the state as a whole.

Sustaining literacy skills is vital for integrating data into our daily decision-making. In this video lesson from the Study Hall: Data Literacy Series, you’ll learn how data literacy enhances other skills, enabling us to apply and use newly acquired information more effectively.


This article from Forbes explores the growing importance of data literacy in the fourth industrial revolution, with a Forrester survey predicting that 70 percent of employees will heavily engage with data by 2025. The article underscores the significant training gap, as only 40% of employees feel adequately equipped, and highlights the benefits of investing in data literacy and upskilling for increased productivity and innovation, as well as improved customer and employee experiences.

The Importance of Data Literacy and Data Storytelling (Forbes)


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The video for lesson 15  Data Privacy: Study Hall Data Literacy #15 ASU + Crash Course) comes from the Study Hall: Data Literacy series released by Arizona State University as part of the popular Crash Course learning channel on YouTube.

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