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Provider Reference Materials

IHCP Provider Reference Modules

For information about IHCP policies and procedures, including billing guidance, refer to the IHCP Provider Reference Module appropriate to the topic of interest.

IHCP Provider Code Tables

Click "Launch Provider Code Tables" on the Code Sets page of this website to view published code tables related to general billing and claim processing, billing for certain services or provider types, or specific coverage policies for certain benefits and programs.

IHCP Companion Guides

For information about electronic transactions, HIPAA version 5010, see the IHCP Companion Guides page.

Medical Policy Manual

The Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) Medical Policy Manual contains information about Indiana Medicaid policies. View the most recent published manual at the link below. Policy changes that have occurred since the effective date noted are announced in IHCP provider Bulletins and Banner Pages.

Medical Policy ManualJuly 2020Version 2.21

Indiana State Plan

Medicaid is a state-administered program, and each state sets its own guidelines regarding eligibility and services. View the Indiana State Plan to understand how Medicaid is implemented in Indiana.

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