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Electronic Visit Verification Training

The Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) delivers training on the state’s electronic visit verification (EVV) system, Sandata, through self-paced training.

For providers planning to use an alternate EVV system, self-paced training on the Aggregator — which all IHCP EVV systems must feed data into — is also available.

Note: For training on EVV systems other than Sandata, providers must make arrangements with the vendor for their chosen system.

EVV Training Approach

It is required that at least one employee from each agency complete training to be able to use the state-sponsored EVV system, Sandata Portal. After completing the training, that employee may train other staff members within the agency on how to use the EVV system.

The trained individual, who owns the email associated with Sandata taken from the provider enrollment profile, is the administrator of the Sandata Portal for the IHCP enrolled location. Each IHCP enrolled location has a separate agency ID for the Sandata Portal. Training is required only once.

Providers will not receive their Sandata EVV Portal Welcome Kits until a representative from their agency (service location) completes the self-paced training provided by Sandata. The training can be accessed at IN FSSA Sandata EVV Training. The Certificate of Completion and the IHCP Provider ID for the provider location must be emailed to to receive the Welcome Kit.

EVV Train-the-Trainer Self-Paced Training

Providers that plan to use the state-sponsored Sandata solution are required to complete the self-paced training.

To get started with the self-paced training, follow these instructions: IN FSSA Sandata EVV Training.

After the training is completed, the trained staff member must email a copy of the Certificate of Completion to the mailbox along with the IHCP Provider ID for each enrolled location.

Caregiver Training

Sandata is using a new Sandata Mobile Connect application (version 2.0). All caregivers are encouraged to download version 2.0 to take advantage of the improved user experience and to access the most current updates to the application.

Instructions on how to download and use the Sandata Mobile Connect version 2.0 can be found in the Caregiver How To Documents from Sandata On Demand.

Additional Training Resources

Sandata On Demand provides additional training videos and reference guides for both the state-sponsored EVV system (Sandata EVV) and Sandata Aggregator for alternate EVV system users. Review the Getting Started section to learn how to create a Sandata On Demand login and password, which provides access to the additional resources.

If you do not already have a Sandata login, you must create one by clicking the Get Started with Sandata Portal section. Select the most appropriate first-time user link and follow the instructions provided.

More Information about EVV

For general information about the state’s EVV solution, including IHCP provider requirements and timelines, see the Electronic Visit Verification page.

Providers planning to use the Sandata EVV system or alternate EVV system should complete all steps outlined in the Electronic Visit Verification Preparation guide.

Providers can send questions or concerns regarding the EVV program or the state-sponsored EVV system via email to or, or may call IHCP Provider Customer Assistance at 800-457-4584, option 5.

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