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Common Compliance Errors Detected by the IHCP Translator

Transactions can be rejected for compliance errors in the Interchange Control Header – ISA envelope. The TA1 Interchange Acknowledgement response file is generated and posted for the trading partner if there are envelope errors.

The ISA must be received exactly as expected. The IHCP companion guides contain the valid ISA envelope values.

The following are common rejections resulting from invalid data in the ISA envelope:

  • ISA06 and GS02 contain a test submitter ID, when data sent is production data.
  • ISA06 and GS02 contain the login ID instead of the trading partner ID.
  • ISA06 and GS02 contain invalid submitter ID.
  • ISA08 and GS03 do not contain IHCP.
  • ISA13 is a duplicate of a previously submitted interchange control number.
  • ISA15 is not a valid value. P should be sent on Production files, and T should be sent for Test files.
  • File is not X12 – Sending proprietary format or non-IHCP data.

A complete list of TA1 error codes and descriptions can be found in the TA1 and 999 Acknowledgements Companion Guide.

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