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Electronic Visit Verification Training

The Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) will be delivering training on the State’s electronic visit verification (EVV) system, Sandata, through instructor-led sessions (both classroom-based and virtual webinars), as well as self-paced trainings.

For providers planning to use an alternate EVV system, self-paced training on the Aggregator — which all IHCP EVV systems must feed into — will also be available.

Note: For training on EVV systems other than Sandata, providers must make arrangements with the vendor for their chosen system.

EVV Training Approach

The IHCP will deliver Sandata EVV administrator training to one or two employees from each provider agency. It is recommended that at least one of the two training participants be an administrator for the provider. It is then expected that those employees train other staff members within the agency on how to use the EVV system.

Providers will not receive their Sandata EVV Portal Welcome Kits, which include their login credentials, until a representative from their agency completes an EVV train-the-trainer session.

EVV Train-the-Trainer Sessions

To review the full training schedule of instructor-led classroom and webinar training sessions for the Sandata EVV system, see BT201945.

To register for a Sandata EVV provider train-the-trainer session, follow the instructions in the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration EVV Agency Provider Training Registration Quick Reference Guide.

EVV Training Reference Material

The following self-paced trainings are available to assist providers in becoming familiar with the Sandata EVV Portal and the Aggregator:

The following training self-help videos will guide users through the Sandata Mobile Connect (SMC) application. View the training videos in the order listed:

  1. SMC First Time Login
  2. SMC Menu Options
  3. SMC Password Self Reset
  4. SMC Call In (Start Visit)
  5. SMC Call Out (End Visit) with Client Verification
  6. SMC Call In (Start Visit) for Non-Enrolled Client
  7. SMC Call Out (End Visit) for Non-Enrolled Client

These training documents are intended to supplement the instructor-led training sessions, and do not satisfy the requirement for provider agency training on the Sandata system.

More Information about EVV

For general information about the State’s EVV solution, including IHCP provider requirements and time lines, see the Electronic Visit Verification page.

Before EVV becomes mandatory for personal care services (on January 1, 2020), providers planning to use the Sandata EVV system should have completed all steps outlined in the checklist in BT201942. A checklist for providers planning to use an alternate EVV system is available in BT201946.

Providers can send questions or concerns regarding the EVV program or the State-sponsored EVV system via email to or can call IHCP Provider Customer Service at 1-800-457-4584, option 5.

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