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Kirkpatrick Family
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Scope and Content Note:

This collection contains a scrapbook with Civil War era newspaper clippings and other miscellaneous papers from Howard County.  The majority of the articles are from the 1860s and are letters and articles pertaining to the war as well as various poems and verses.

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Folder 1.               Kirkpatrick Family

Inside cover Letter from N.L. Brakeman, chaplain for the 21st Indiana Regiment.  From Camp Dix, Locust Point, Near Baltimore. Date: August 1861
p. 1 “English Sympathy with the Rebellion and its Motives”- newspaper article
“Never, no Never!”-newspaper article about the Confederate Congress
Obituary for Benjamin Fawcett (1791-Sept. 16, 1870) and his wife, Esther Fawcett (1796-Oct. 24, 1870).
p. 4 “The President’s Closing Hour”- article about Abraham Lincoln’s death
p.5 Obituary for Elizabeth Badley, wife of H.H. Badley.  She died in Madison County, Iowa on Feb. 17th.  Written by William Abraham
“To the memory of Abraham Lincoln”-newspaper article
p. 6 Obituary for Amy Baldwin, wife of William Baldwin and daughter of William and Amy Crooks.  Written by Thomas J. Starr
Obituary for Mrs. Eliza S. Richmond, daughter of Thomas M. and Mary Pendleton. Written by H.N. Barnes
Obituary for Rev. William Campbell (1810-June 4, 1860). Written by J.L. Smith
p. 7 “Lorenzo Dow’s Grave”-article about visitin Lorenzo Dow’s grave in the Western Cemetery of Washington City. From the New Orleans Christian Advocate
Letter from C.W. Brouse, Capt. Co. H. 100th Regiment- Indianapolis, Camp Morton, 1862
Obit for Nancy Kirkpatrick (Sept. 4, 1813-April 14th), daughter of Rev. Benjamin and Mary Brooks and wife of John Kirkpatrick.  Written by J.M. Stallard
“Death of a Soldier”- article about the death of William J. Shirley, son of E.P. and Mary J. Shirley.  He died Feb. 19, 1862 in Beverly hospital, Virginia.
Obituary for Rev. Jared B. Mershon, who died March 8th in Lebanon, IN.  Written by R. Hargrave
p. 8 “Do They Miss Me at Home”- poem
“The ABC of Railway Management”- poem
“The Eastern Star”-poem by Mrs. Waterman. From Boston, July 1848
p. 9 “May You Die Among Your Kindred”- poem by Mrs. Abby and introduction from Rev. A Leslie’s funeral service for Dr. Yates.
“Starching Shirts”- newspaper article
“Mrs. Minnie Downey, Missionary to India”- poem by Rev. L.B. Gurley, Findlay, Ohio, Feb. 9, 1860
Poem - first line is “Write to me very often…”
p. 10 Poem about God’s grace being a never failing bank
“The Old Pod Auger Days”-poem by Josiah D. Channing from the Massachusetts Plowman
Poem about summer turning to autumn
Prayer or poem - first line is “Little deeds of kindness, little words of love,”
p. 11 “The Child’s Prayer”- poem
“We Shall Meet Our friends Departed”- poem by E.C. Howe, M.D. For the Sunday School Advocate, Troy, New York, 1854.
“Lines to A.H.E.”- poem by S.E. for the Howard Tribune, Tipton, Indiana, Dec. 1st, 1856
“Empire of Woman”- poem by Schiller
p. 12 Lines: On Visiting the Grave of Mrs. Laura M. Hawley Thurston”- poem by Mrs. A.L. Ruter Dufour, New Albany, Dec. 1850. From the Louisville Journal.
“The Inquiry”- poem
“The Butterfly and the Bee”- poem
p. 13 “The Christian Soldier”- poem selected for the Western Christian Advocate
“The Morning Glory”- poem by George Lovesee for the  Western Christian Advocate from Princeton, Nov. 1, 1849
“To My Wife”- poem by Rev. G.W. Bethune
“A Wife to her Husband”- poem
Obituary for Mrs. Sarah L. Jones (1810-Dec. 11, 1855), consort of Dr. W.C. Jones
p. 14 “Afflictions”- poem
“Thy Will be Done”- poem by Constance from the Western Continent
Announcement of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Faucett being the oldest married couple in the county- July 21, 1870
“Missionary Verses for Children”- poem by Lady Russell
“North Indiana Conference Appointments”- article
p. 15 “Report of the North Indiana Conference Missionary Society” by William R. Kistler for the Western Christian Advocate, April 13, 1860
“North Indiana Conference Resolutions on Slavery” by J.V.R. Miller for the Western Christian Advocate
p. 16 “Kokomo Mission, N. Indiana Conference”- letter to Brother Simpson from H.H. Badley.  Dated Feb. 23, 1849
“Tell me”- poem
“Lady Byron’s Answer to Lord Byron’s Farewell”- poem
“Appointments of the Preachers”- article
p. 17 “Dedication”- announcement of dedication of Albright Chapel by W.S. Birch
“Softly into Heaven She Faded’- poem
p. 18 “The Bereaved Intinerant”- poem by M.S.B. for the Western Christian Advocate
“Ohio Troops Suffering in Kentucky”- newspaper article
“Will the Good Man give me Wings, Mother”- verse by H.J. Cox for the Western Christian Advocate
Description from Tribune’s special of attacks on Fort Beauregard and Fort Wlkaer as well as events at Savannah and Charleston
p. 19 “The Dead Wife”- newspaper article from Philadelphia Dollar Newspaper
“North Indiana Conference Appointments”- possibly from Apr. 17, 1861
p. 20 “Official Roll of Capt. Kirkpatrick’s Company”, Camp Sullivan, May 16, 1861- letter to editors of Kokomo Papers giving the list of “Kokomo Riflemen” in the 12th Regiment of Indiana from Capt. T.M. Kirkpatrick
“Who Took the Baby”- poem
“Howard Riflemen”- list of those mustered on Apr. 22, 1861
“A Soldier’s Prayer Meeting”- account from Assistant Commissary of the army of West Virginia
P. 21 “More of the Rich Mountain Battle”- letter from Capt. Kirkpatrick (13th Indiana Regiment) to his wife written June 10th-July 11th
“From the Seat of War”- letter from S.W. Thorton, 2nd Sergeant Kokomo Riflemen, to the Tribune. Dated July 12, 1861
P. 22 “Romantic March-Important and Successful Expedition of the Thirteenth Indiana- Capture of the Bennett- Severe Skirmish- Narrow Escape of Colonel Sullivan- Hardships of the Men-Order of General Reynolds”- letter from Y.S. dated Nov. 9th from Huntsville, VA
“Fight near Cheat Mountain” and “Kentucky”- newspaper article about the war
“The Wicket-Gate”- poem
“My Wife”- poem by an invalid
p. 23 “Letters from Virginia”- letter from T.M. Kirkpatrick to his wife written at Beverly, July 21st
Poem about a mother’s death
“Our Army in Western Virginia”- newspaper article about Cheat Mountain
“Didn’t Think You Could do it”- excerpt from a letter from an officer connected with the Navy from Port Royal, Nov. 8th
p. 24 “Western Virginia”- letter from Rev. W. H. Nickerson, Chaplin of the 32nd Ohio Regiment. Written from Cheat Mountain, Oct. 14th
“New England”- poem
p. 25 “Monday’s News”- synopsis of events in West Virginia, Charleston, Kentucky, and English sentiment towards the war
“The English View”- article about relations with England during the Civil War
“First Experience in Battle”- letter from soldier at battle of Piketon, KY
“The Hunter’s Grave”- poem by L.D. Morse for the Western Christian Advocate
p. 26 “New Departments in the West”; “The Battle of Belmont”; “How Secessionists Work in Southern Kentucky”- includes letter from a surgeon writing Nov. 5th from London, Laurel County, KY
“The Army of the Republic”- number of soldiers, quotas, and population from each state in the Union
“Graduation and Scholarship of Leading Officers”- list of graduation years and class ranks for officers on both sides
p. 27 “Our Country’s Call”- poem by William Cullen Bryant
“Shawnee Prairie Ct., N.W. Ia. Con., Feb. 23”- article regarding the meeting by Richard Hargrave
“M’Clellan and Beauregard”-letter from W.H. Russell
“Coming to the Rescue”- article about the Church and slavery for the Western Christian Advocate
p. 28 “Speech by a Drunkard”- newspaper article
“Revival Correspondence”- letter from H.H. Badley from the Rising Sun circuit, Iowa Conference, July 23rd
Update from H.H. Badley on the revival from the Montezuma Ct., Iowa Conference, Feb. 27th
p. 29 Handwritten poem dated Dec. 15, 1861
p. 30 “From West Virginia”- letter from Capt. Kirkpatrick from Beverly, Oct. 12th
“Passing O…” poem by F.R. Marvin
p. 31 “Raising the Flag”- letter from The World’s Port Royal correspondent about taking Fort Walker, Beaufort, etc.
“Intensified Meaness”- article about “stingy” people
“The Poor Man’s Grave”- poem by Eliza Cook
p. 32 “A Fine Hymn”- hymn submitted by L.P. Miller, New Carlisle, Ohio, July 13, 1860 to the Western Christian Advocate
“Jesus, Guide Me”- short story sent in by Pilgrim for the Western Christian Advocate
“The Child’s Prayer”- poem by Hodges Read, Esq.
“Close of Time”- poem by Rachel Woodmansee
p. 33 “The Playmate”- poem by J.G. Whittier
“The Sweet Little Man”- poem from the Cincinnati Commercial
p. 34 “Milton on his Loss of Sight”- poem
“The Loss of a Wife”-poem
“From the 20th Regiment”- letter from Montgomery to Bro. Philips from Camp Hamilton, Virginia, Dec. 9, 1861
p. 35 “Domestic Literature of South Carolina”- collection of letter excepts from Confederate soldier that were found by the Union in Hilton Head, SC
p. 36 “Our Dead and Wounded”- letter from Capt. Kirkpatrick to the Tribune editor dated March 26, 1862 from near Strawsburg
“Letter from the 13th Regiment”- summary of a letter from John Cashner of the 13th Indiana Regiment
p. 37 “Kingdom Coming”- song from the Publishers Root and Cady, Chicago
“Monday’s News”- letter from Capt. Kirkpatrick from Beverly, WV, Dec. 16, 1861 to the editor
p. 38 “From Capt. Kirkpatrick”- letter to the editor from a camp near Suffolk, VA dated May 4, 1863
“The 13th Regiment”- summary of a letter from Capt. Kirkpatrick
“The 13th Regiment”- quote from a letter in the Indiana Journal about the 13th Regiment
“Square and Level”- poem
“Burn Your Cotton”- new version of poem by Dr. S. Silshee for the Cincinnati Gazette, dated Aug. 10, 1862
p. 39 “Letter from Capt. Kirkpatrick”- letter to Tribune editor from Suffolk, VA dated Dec. 16, 1862
“Patriotic Song” by R. Hargrave
p. 40 “The Captain’s Wife”- article for the Tribune by M.J.K.
“A Word to Mothers”- article for the Tribune by W.J.K.
“Margaret’s Hymn”- poem or song
“Baby’s Stockings”- verse by Emily Huntington Miller

p. 41 “All Quiet Along the Potomac”- poem or song
“The Little Grave”- poem
“Skedaddle”- verse from Vanity Fair
“Somebody has been Praying for Us”- short story by M.B.
p. 42 “One Hundredth Regiment”- extract from a letter from Capt. Chas. W. Brouse, Co. K, 100th Regiment, to his parents. Dated Jan. 15th from Grand Junction, TN
p. 43 “A Sermon: Preached on the Eve of the Battle of Brandywine, by Rev. Joab Trout, September 18, 1777” from  Recollections of the Revolution.  Found in the papers of Major John Jacob Schefmyer by Mr. Hamilton Schefmyer
p. 44 “Battle of Cedar Creek”- Major-General Pope’s official report of the battle sent to Major-General Halleck from the Headquarters of the Army of Virginia, Cedar mountain, Aug. 13th
“An Acrostic”- acrostic using Holy Bible
p. 45 “Our Country”- verse by Charles a Dennis, Co. H, 54th Regiment Indiana Volunteers
“The Soldier’s Farewell”- verse by Charity
“The Mother’s Answer”- by G.H.Williams in response to “The Soldier’s Farewell”
“O, Wrap the Flag Around Me, Boy”- song from Root and Cady Music Publishers
“Why is it?”- poem by Effie
p. 46 “From the Army of Virginia-Two Battles August 28th-Pope and Jackson’s Forces Engaged”- newspaper article
“Look Up”- verse by Rev. James Stephenson
p. 47 “Bad Management in Virginia”- letter from an army officer writing from Front Royal, VA, June 7th
Letter from S.L. Yourtee, Chaplain of 5th Reg. O.V.
p. 48 “Jesus, my Only Hope” article by M.A.B.
“Beside the Railway Track”- poem
p. 49 “Little Willie”- poem from the New Haven Palladium
“Rock of Ages”- hymn, from Editors Independent, translated into Latin by Mr. Gladstone, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
p. 50 “Letters from Indianapolis: Size and Character of the Convention- the Military and the People- Unauthorized Arrests- Disarming of the Trains, and c.”- newspaper article dated May 21, 1863, Indianapolis
p. 51 “Brownlow’s Dream”- poem
“Rather Pretty” and “It is so”- poems
p. 52 “From Capt. Kirkpatrick”- letter to the Tribune editor dated Sept. 24, 1863 from Folly Island, SC
“Gen. Gilmore’s Order”- from Q.A. Gilmore dated Sept. 15, 1863 from Dept. of the South, HD. Quarters in the Field, Morris Island, SC
“Forward”- song or poem
p. 53 “The Blue Cap and Button”- poem
“Song of the Soldiers”- song or poem
Letter to the editor dated Nov. 24, 1863 from Camp on Folly Island
“Autumn Days in South Carolina”- verse by Frances D. Gage
p. 54 “A Poem recited by Mr. Lincoln”- submitted by F.B. Carpenter to the editors of the Evening Post
“The Dying Prisoner”- poem in memory of John C. Vail, who died at Andersonville, GA, Aug. 26, 1861
p. 55 “The Returning Braves”- poem by E.M.B. Hooker
“A Prayer in the Butternut Church”- newspaper article
p. 56 “The Copperhead’s Prayer”- poem
“I do not Like to Hear Him Pray”- poem
“Writing for Newspapers”- newspaper article
p. 57 “Incompatibility of Slavery with the Preservation of the Union”- extract from speech given by Governor Johnson on January 21st in Nashville
p. 58 “On a Distant Shore”- poem by M.J. Million
“Love”- poem by H.C---
“To Ella”- poem by H.C.C---
“Hard Fighting”- article about 13th and 20th Indiana Regiments
“The 13th and 20th Regiment”- summary of letters from Lt. M.M. Gordon and Mont.
p. 59 “Will the New Year Come To-night Mamma!”- poem by Cora M. Eager
p. 60-61 Handwritten verse
p. 63 Letter from Montgomery to Bro. Philips from Alexandria, VA, dated Sept. 1, 1862
Letter from S.T. Montgomery to Bro. Philips from Camp Hamilton, dated Jan 19-20, 1862
p. 66 Handwritten note mentioning a Kirkpatrick, Dr., and Thompson
p. 68 Fees charged- handwritten
p. 70 Handwritten note mentioning T.M. Kirkpatrick
p. 71 Map from newspaper of “Field of Operations before Richmond”
p. 72 “Gen. Pope’s Army”- newspaper article
“What is a Year”- poem
p. 73 “The Army in Western Virginia- from Agate, the paper’s correspondent, dated Aug. 12, Clarksburg
Short note about editor being sick
“Second Oath of the K.G.C.’s”- article from Indianapolis Journal
“Withering Frosts”- article about lost elections
Loose papers Howe Sewing Machine sales pamphlet from after 1867
Herald Extra- election results possibly from Oct. 10, 1866
“‘Letter from Indianapolis’- Affairs in Indiana- Hendricks and Voorhees-Volunteering” newspaper article possibly from Sept. 18, 1864
Democratic State Ticket and National Union County Ticket from 1866
“From the 68th Regiment”- letter from N.T. Ploughe to the Tribune editor from the Headquarters, 68th Reg. Ind. Vol., dated Sept. 2, 1862
Republic Ticket from Nov. 1860
“Stations of Indiana Troops”- article from circa Sept. 1861
“From the 34th Regiment”- letter from John Hardesty to Friend Philips from Helena, Arkansas, dated Aug. 29, 1862
“Letter from E.W. Freeman” to Tribune from Lebanon, KY dated Sept. 2, 1862
“Captain Gifford’s Company”- muster roll circa Aug. 29, 1862
“In Memory of Miss Lottie Herron”- poem by Mrs. C.H. Stewart, dated after 1898
Envelope with dried flower dated May 29, 1917
Colored piece of paper with 1915 calendar glued to it
“John I. Viney Dies at Home at Early Hour”- obituary for John I. Viney, dated circa Aug. 15, 1916
“Three Howard Brothers are Soldiers”- article from Sept. 29, 1917
Letter from “A Stranger” to the editor of the Tribune
Drawn picture of holly and bells from Harriet to Momma given at Christmas 1917
Paper with pasted flowers from Joy Belle to Harriet
Handwritten note about death of Mr. T.M. Kirkpatrick dated Sept. 6, 1934
Cutout of a man, may be a paper doll

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