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Alphabetical List of All Online Finding Aids

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Joseph Bailly collection L005
William L. Barker collection L010
Barnett family collection L011
Joseph T. Barton collection L012
Daniel Bearss collection L013
Joseph Beeler collection L014
Addison W. Bell collection L015
Albert J. Beveridge collection L016
Borden family collection L017
Crosier family collection L018
Brown family collection L020
O. V. Brown collection L021
Noble Chase Butler collection L026
Thaddeous Butler collection L027
C. Alfred Campbell collection L028
Cejnar family papers L029
John T. Chenoweth collection L030
Chittenden family papers L031
Asahel Clapp collection L032
Grace Julian Clarke collection L033
John L. Coburn collection L034
Elisha Cockefair collection L035
Henry P. Cottingham collection L037
Evans W. Cottman collection L038
Frank G. Darlington collection L040
Jefferson C. Davis collection L041
Richard Lew Dawson papers L043
Fred Elwood Dillard collection L044
Dan Griffin collection L045
DuFour family collection L046
Jacob Piatt Dunn collection L047
James Dushane collection L048
Romena O. Elder collection L050
William Dudley Foulke papers L056
Hamilton family papers L062
Benjamin Harrison papers L063
Hawley family papers L064
William Steele Holman papers L073
William F. Jones papers L086
Harper family papers L090
James H. Luther collection L094
Abraham Markle collection L099
Cornelius H. Menger collection L105
Samuel Merrill collection L106
Noble and Davidson family papers L107
William Henry Harrison Miller collection L108
Samuel Moore papers L110
Oliver P. Morton papers L113
John B. Niles papers L116
Lazarus Noble collection L117
Harland L. Osgatharp collection L120
Benjamin S. Parker papers L123
Davidson family papers L126
Lasselle family collection L127
Daniel D. Pratt collection L128
Beck family papers L133
Mary Rigg collection L134
Paul Seehausen papers L140
Joseph H. Shea collection L141
Norman H. Shortridge collection L142
Thomas Silver collection L143
James R. Slack collection L145
Benjamin Wilson Smith papers L146
Ruth Burgess Lebo Smith collection L147
Selma Neubacher Steele collection L148
James B. Stoll collection L149
Urban C. Stover collection L151
Leslie Sulgrove collection L153
Lucius B. Swift collection L155
Richard W. Thompson papers L158
John Tipton collection L160
Jonathan Turley papers L161
David C. Turnbull collection L163
David Turpie collection L164
Lew Wallace collection L173
Waterman family papers L174
Roberts Settlement collection L176
Raymond E. Willis papers L179
Joseph A. Wright papers L183
American Fur Company collection L184
Baptist church history collection L189
Horse Thief Detective Association collection L202
Indiana Society for Mental Hygiene collection L205
United Klans of America collection L208
Delaware County Jail matron's diaries L210
Poplar Ridge Horse Thief and Detective Company collection L213
Zig Zag Cycle Club collection L218
Spring Mill State Park collection L225
Nature Study Club of Indiana collection L227
James Eli Watson papers L237
Joshua Leach collection L242
William R. Overlease collection on Indiana State Parks L243
D. C. Stephenson collection L246
Walter E. Barton papers L252
Harry Dynes papers L256
John Tenbrook Campbell collection L258
Harry D. Hartley collection L273
John T. Wilder papers L276
John Johnson collection L283
Bi-Partisan Juvenile Court Committee collection L286
Robert W. McBride papers L288
Harry S. New collection L299
John Rugenstein, Wendell Willkie collection L300
Claypool Hotel collection L325
William C. Birthright collection L328
Joshua R. Giddings collection L332
William Polke papers L333
Brookville and Metamora Hydraulic Company records L335
Nicodemus Bigler collection L346
Isaac and Benjamin Beeson papers L354
325th Field Artillery Association collection L358
Reverend Oscar C. McCulloch papers L363
Joseph Cunningham collection L364
Asa J. Smith collection L368
Virginia Ellis Jenckes papers L374
John Brown Dillon collection L377
L.B. Graves collection L378
George S. Rainey collection L381
Maude Vestal collection L384
J.D. Adams and Company collection L390
Barnard family collection L397
Indianapolis Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) collection L406
William Harley collection L407
Capt. Edmund Engle Civil War diaries L410
Brayton family papers L411
Tyner-White family papers L416
Indiana Film Council records L427
Helen M. Ford collection L432
Edison family collection L441
U.S. War Department collection L444
Christ Church Cathedral Parish registers L462
Floyd D. Hopper artwork and papers L463
Union Title Company records L468
Robert M. Taylor, Jr. collection L469
Clio Club collection L471
Indiana Mirror Manufacturing Company collection L473
Fox Theater collection L478
Indianapolis USO Council records L487
Lawrence M. Borst collection L495
Josephine Bicket collection L519
Edward H. Knight collection on Indianapolis City Market L522
Ric Hasse papers L531
Porter-Griffin family papers L535
Circle City Sirens collection L536
Rhodes family collection L537
Indianapolis-Scarborough Peace Games collection L542
Millicent Guthrie Horseman papers L544
George W. Stout's State Council of Defense notes L545
Gapen-Moore family papers L546
James C. Vanderbilt collection L547
The Vietnam Women's Memorial Project, Inc. collection L548
Indiana Biography Series L549
Anna W. Wright collection L550
Almanacs, miscellaneous collection L552
Indiana Association for College Admission Counseling collection L559
Edgar C. Leisure collection L561
Pippenger/Pittenger family collection L562
Robert S. Taylor correspondence and papers L563
Shepard J. Crumpacker, Jr. collection L565
Walter W. Leslie collection L567
Indiana Weavers Guild collection L569
Thomas W. Barnett papers L571
Charles Clemons Deam collection L572
Christian Schrader collection L573
Indianapolis Sesquicentennial Commission collection L575
George W. Roberts collection L579
Indiana State Association of Parliamentarians records L586
Ross Franklin Lockridge collection L598
Eugene Bainbridge papers L617
Orion A. Bartholomew collection S0072
Elizabeth Bevington collection S0113
John Law letters and journal transcript S0810
John Herschel Lemon papers S0821
U.S. Lesh writings and letters S0823
H.A.S. Levering papers S0827
Charles W. Moores, Jr. speeches S0982
Albert Morlan collection S0986
Walter Levi Mowrey collection S0997
Isaac Naylor papers S1009
Civil War documents S2616
Thomas N. McClung papers S2628
James Gavin correspondence S2822
Preston Kiser letters S3018
Hermann and Lotte Termeer collection S3272
Huber family genealogy S3276
Automobiles in Indiana photograph collection SP002
Central Soya, Decatur, Indiana photograph collection SP004
Chemical Economy Company photograph collection SP006
Indiana Highway and Road Commission Personnel photographs SP007
Indianapolis Railways photograph album SP010
Klinge family photographs SP011
Lucille Lipps Gaynor photographs SP013
Boswell family photographs SP016
Hanna photographs SP019
Bartel and Schuck family photograph collection SP020
Harry Sheagley photograph collection P009
G.E. Goodwin, World War II photograph collection P010
Adkinson Fire Department photograph collection P012
Frank M. Hohenberger photograph collection P013
Historic documents and sites lantern slides P017
Scenic sites photograph collection P021
Glass plate negatives P022
World War I leisure lantern slides P025
Lucile Johnson photograph collection P026
Leslie A. Weaver photograph collection P029
Elkhart University photograph collection P031
Frank M. Hohenberger, State Department of Geology photograph album P037
Indianapolis plat maps V399
Indiana aviation scrapbooks V405
Arch N. Bobbitt oral history OH014
Curtis G. Shake oral history OH015
Walter D. Myers oral history OH016
Walter E. Barton oral history OH017
Asa J. Smith oral history OH018
Reginald Hall Sullivan oral history OH019
Ralph F. Gates oral history OH020
William P. Evans oral history OH021
Claude V. Ridgely oral history OH023
Charles Barr oral history OH031
Charlotte Barrett oral history OH032
Floyd Bates oral history OH033
John W. Beauchamp oral history OH034
Cecil Beeson oral history OH035
Edward Beecher Bender oral history OH036
Benedict C. Birchler oral history OH038
Dana Blank oral history OH039
Cathryn Kuemmick Boggy oral history OH040
Sam and Maude Bowlby oral history OH041
Bill Boyer oral history OH042
Mildred Florence Campbell oral history OH052
William M. Chaney oral history OH057
Mabel Purcell Clarke oral history OH058
Chester Clark oral history OH059
Nellie Coats oral history OH060
Roy Conrad oral history OH061
Charles Glenn Coolman oral history OH062
Grace Cooper oral history OH063
Mary Coquillard oral history OH064
James Cunningham oral history OH072
G. Earl Daniels oral history OH075
Helen Daniels oral history OH076
Ray Dawson oral history OH078
Randall Galvin oral history OH112
Dorothy Garner oral history OH114
Berniece H. Glass and Marjorie H. Montogomery oral history OH129
Ida Guy oral history OH130
Roscoe D. Guy oral history OH131
Ann Louise Hall oral history OH138
Reverend James Miller oral history OH201
Hermann and Lotte Termeer oral history OH271

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