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Ordering Large Print and Braille Instructional Materials

All orders for large print and braille instructional materials provided by the IERC are ordered by the local education agency’s staff with access to the ICAM system.


When ordering large print and braille textbooks, please keep the following in mind:

  • Textbooks should be requested by April 15th if possible for the upcoming school year. Order all textbooks titles you know that the student will require. It takes a minimum of 4 months for new braille transcriptions and 3 months for production of large print/accessible files during the peak summer season. If textbook adoption decisions have not been made, order what titles you do know the student will need as soon as possible. Books ordered after May 1st may not arrive by the start of school.
  • If you search the ICAM for an item and your results are unsuccessful, you may place a Special Request for that item. To place a special request from the ICAM search page: select Special Request and enter data or after you have searched the ICAM, you will have the option to place a Special Request.
  • If textbooks are not available in large print or braille format, two original inkprint copies will be requested by the IERC for production or transcription. One copy is torn apart during the transcription/production process and kept on site with the master and the second copy, used for proofreading, is returned to the school after production or transcription is complete. It is the responsibility of the local education agency to provide the requested print copies of the textbooks, not the IERC or the MAMP. The local education agency can choose not to send print copies to the IERC for production or transcription and can purchase directly from commercial sources if available. Commercial vendors may be found at American Printing House LOUIS database.
  • Print textbooks are mailed First Class, Media Mail or Library Media Mail. Please do not send print textbooks for production to the IERC Free Matter for the Blind as it is a violation of the "Free Matter for the Blind" postal code. Contact the U.S. Postal Service for more information about domestic mailing code requirements.
  • Time frames for delivery of materials to students vary depending on: when the order was placed; if materials are in the IERC repository; if items currently on loan are returned timely;  if they are available for purchase; or if they need to be produced or transcribed. Delivery of ordered and produced items depends upon the supplier/vendor/transcriber. For updates on the status of an order, please log on to the ICAM and view your requests.
  • The IERC will make every attempt to provide materials as requested but reserves the right to make substitutions or to acquire additional information from the local education agency regarding any order. The amount and/or cost of materials may necessitate modification of a request. National textbook editions will be substituted for ordered state editions if the state edition has not been transcribed or produced, but the national edition has and is classroom compatible.
  • Materials intended for student use will not be loaned directly to parents or students except in the instance of a home-schooled student receiving instruction as authorized by the local education agency.
  • A packing slip will be enclosed in or attached to each shipment from the IERC. Login to the ICAM to Confirm Delivery. Please complete this process immediately after receiving a shipment from the IERC to help us track receipt and timely delivery of your order/s.
  • A person should be designated at the “ship to address” on the order form during the summer ship months to receive materials and to verify receipt and accuracy of shipment.