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The Indiana Office of Technology is always looking for talented, motivated people to join our agency. If you or someone you know would be interested in joining our team, visit

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Current Job Openings

You can find job opportunities and details about the department and position below:

IT Project Manager Associate

Role Overview:

The Project Manager plans, organizes, and controls all operations and activities for clients.  You will organize information for technology teams, contractors, agency representatives, and other stakeholders. You will communicate, plan, manage, and execute projects to keep them on time and within budget while meeting the client’s expectations.  PC Refresh Projects are on a four-year rotating schedule to replace all state-issued PCs.

Systems Administrator Senior

Role Overview:

The Systems Administrator Senior for the Web and Application Support Services Team focuses on protecting and defending the State's websites and resources.  You will take on and lead complex projects to assess and define needs and research options, create strategies, deploy initiatives, and test and validate installations.  This ranking position on the team requires experience, flexibility, self-motivation, collaboration, and leadership. You will be a key member in encouraging team growth by mentoring, training, and guiding peers and newly onboarded staff.  Additional responsibilities include ensuring that our team manages customer requests and that they are executed professionally and timely, consistent with established service level agreements while providing friendly and competent services to our customers

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