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?What is Ivanti (MobileIron)? Why do I want it on my device

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Ivanti (formerly MobileIron) enables you to get mobile access to your corporate email, calendar and contacts in an easy and secure way.

Ivanti supports most major mobile devices today - iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows phones. From your iOS or Android device, you may need to download the Ivanti "Mobile@Work" app as part of the installation. All other device types can be managed by Ivanti without an app. Installation instructions for supported devices are linked below.

How does Ivanti (MobileIron) help me?

In general, this enables you to easily access many State of Indiana resources from your mobile device with very little end-user configuration. After a simple setup process, users will be able to do the following:

  • Quickly access your corporate email, calendar, and contacts
  • Automatically access corporate WiFi and VPN networks
  • Easily find and install work related applications
  • Check compliance with corporate security policies
  • Locate lost or stolen devices

New: Ivanti Go Instructions (formerly MobileIron Go)

Instructions for personal devices

Instructions for state-issued devices

Setup Ivanti on your phone

How do I set up Ivanti (MobileIron)?

First, contact your agency Voice Coordinator to have MobileIron and ActiveSync enabled on your account.

If you have an iPhone;

Please visit, log-in with your State email address and password, and follow the directions found here: Ivanti Go Registration Instructions for iPhone.

If you have an Android:

Please visit log-in with your State email address and password, and follow the  directions found here: Ivanti Go Registration Instructions for Android.

If you have trouble getting registered, please contact the IOT Helpdesk for assistance.


How do I manage my Ivanti-registered devices?

Log onto the Ivanti User Portal at From this portal, you may Lock, Unlock, Locate, Retire, and Wipe your device.

Location is only available on state-owned devices with location enabled. Location is not available for employee-owned devices.

The Retire function removes Ivanti and all State delivered apps and content while leaving all personal apps and content intact.

The Wipe function resets the device to the factory default configuration, thus removing all state and personal apps and content.


What about my privacy? What happens to my personal content?

The Ivanti solution offers many protections for the State of Indiana and its employees, but the goal is not to expose personal data.

Using Ivanti (MobileIron), IOT CANNOT do any of the following:

  • See or copy your photos
  • See or copy your iMessages/text/sms
  • See or copy your personal email accounts
  • Limit your access to specific access points, websites or locations
  • See, copy or track internet usage
  • Record phone calls

For further information on Ivanti and the State of Indiana mobile device use policy please click here and and read the two policies regarding mobile devices.

What can IOT do to my device? A MobileIron-managed device provides the opportunity for IOT and, in some cases, the owner of the device to be able to remotely perform actions:

  • Admins and users can wipe enterprise content off of your phone leaving your personal data untouched;
  • Admins and users can find your phone if it is lost or stolen;
  • Block applications, require installation of applications, limit access to corporate email and internal resources;
  • Setting minimum standards such as :
  • Encrypting your phone (to protect the data, both personal and company);
  • Requiring a minimum software version, or that users set a passcode to gain access to corporate resources;
  • Not modifying your OS (commonly known as rooting or jailbreaking) and putting data at risk.

A complete listing of conditions is available in the State of Indiana mobile device use policy.


What happens when my device is lost or stolen?

In the event that your device is lost or stolen, IOT can remove the corporate data from your device to keep confidential work information secure.

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