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Case Studies

Here you will find in-depth and detailed case studies involving IOT and our state agencies.

Indiana Law Enforcement Academy:
    Better remote-training experience with the help of IOT

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    The Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) is a training academy located in Plainfield, Indiana, that conducts basic training of law enforcement officers across the state.


    When the pandemic began, the Academy had to adapt like the rest of the country and find a way to offer their training remotely to all new police officers, jail officers, town marshals, and police chiefs who would typically come in-person to the facility.
    The Academy was using a borrowed Zoom account from Indiana University to host all of their training until the Indiana Office of Technology offered a better solution.
    The Use Case
    The basic training course for new police officers consists of more than 600 hours of training. Significant areas of instruction include criminal and traffic law, firearms, emergency vehicle operations, physical tactics, emergency management services awareness, and human behavior. Officers must also study other police-related subjects such as accident investigation, criminal investigation, domestic violence and sexual assault, water rescue training, standardized field sobriety test, crime prevention and drug and narcotics. All of this had to be completed virtually.
    “With Covid causing the shutdown, we were behind by several classes, but with IOT’s help, we are now able to attempt to catch up,” John Glover, ILEA Systems Analyst, said.
    Real-time Collaboration

    The Office of Technology (IOT) consults with state agencies to help find technical solutions to business problems. After meeting with ILEA and understanding their needs, IOT suggested Microsoft Teams as their collaboration toolset. Microsoft Teams enables people to join meetings, chat, share and co-author files, video conference with others, and more.
    IOT Microsoft Specialist Stephanie Williams met with ILEA and documented their current set up and designed their future needs. Williams set up a Microsoft Teams account and a SharePoint site for sharing files for the agency. She trained ILEA on how to use Teams, including creating a meeting and sending a link to attendees to join the meeting.
    A SharePoint Collaboration site was created so the team can work on projects, class material and recordings, and share information from anywhere on any device.


    “We had great help working with Stephanie and Aaron when it came to the process of creating the SharePoint sites and any Teams accounts that were needed. It has helped us by increasing productivity and making training available to agencies across the state, and we will continue to use the SharePoint site to make training material available to officers,” Glover said.
    IOT Deputy/Assistant IT Director and Agency Liaison Aaron Corbett commended Williams on a job well done.
    “I cannot stress enough how impressive Stephanie was, jumping into the project with both feet and immediately setting ILEA’s expectations and moving the agency in a direction that best suited and fit their needs,” he said.
    About the ILEA


    The governing body of the academy is a 17-member Law Enforcement Training Board who are appointed by the governor. The board mandated sets the requirements and criteria for the basic training.
    In addition to the main training academy in Plainfield, there are five satellite facilities located in South Bend, Bloomington, Anderson, Terre Haute, and Jeffersonville that are certified by the board to offer training courses.

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