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State employees receive valueless email commonly referred to as spam. IOT's "spam filter" stops thousands of these messages every day but it does not stop them all. Though not all spam messages are scams, enough are to demand wariness of emails from unknown sources.

For every message that the state receives from parties outside state government the filter is blocking six spam messages. State users must remain alert for spam that evades the filter.

"Report as spam" plug-in

One of the newest, and most effective, means of fighting spam is being rolled out to State of Indiana computer users throughout 2016. It is an icon at the top of your Outlook email screen that reads “Report as spam.” Click on this icon either when you have an email open that you believe to be spam or simply by having the email highlighted without opening it. This step alerts technicians to the spam and enables them to address the issue.

In the image below, the button is circled in red on the toolbar.

Please Note:

  • Do not respond to the spam, this will alert the spammers that they have a valid email address and can potentially increase spam received.
  • Currently there is not a way to report spam if you are using webmail.

How to check if a message is spam

If you want to check the validity of an email, here are some Web sites that provide information on hoaxes, urban legends and viruses.


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