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August 2019 Newsletter

Digital Government Summit

WorkSmart 365


Backup Schedule





The Indiana Digital Government Summit brings together leaders from all levels of government to foster discussion and dialogue on the use of information technology. The 2019 edition of the annual conference is on Thursday, Oct. 3, in Indianapolis.

The summit has an advisory board that gathers public sector and private sector leaders to create an agenda that is relevant and actionable to the state and local government organizations attending the summit. Topics this year include:

• Securing Indiana – A Framework for Success.
• Effective Data Governance.
• How Do We Determine What Citizens Really Want?
• Transforming the Government Experience.
• Data Sharing – Let’s Get Connected.
• Hitchhikers Guide to CJIS Compliance.
• 5G Is Here, Are You Ready?
• How Technology is Optimizing the Workforce of Tomorrow.

Participants can use the information they gathered in these discussions to help advance their own organizations and career paths.

The summit will be held at Indianapolis Marriott North, 3645 River Crossing Parkway. For more information, including the program agenda, and to register, visit https://events.govtech.com/indiana-digital-government-summit.html.



IOT's WorkSmart 365 Fall Conference 

This year, IOT’s WorkSmart 365 Conference will be held October 1-3 at the Indiana State Library.

Attendees will come away more knowledgeable about how to govern and adopt OneDrive for Business, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams for collaboration with co-workers and partners. Advanced sessions will describe out-of-the-box ways to extend Office 365 to improve business processes.

The three-day conference, themed “Collaboration without Borders” will include a day in the life for an Office 365 champion, an afternoon devoted to the new user, a Q&A and “ask the experts,” and more, all while driving employee engagement to Office 365.ws

WorkSmart 365 is an exciting program led by Vanessa Williams, Cloud Architect for the State of Indiana, and Stephanie Williams, Senior Office 365 Administrator and Community Manager, both employees of IOT.

The core mission of WorkSmart 365 is to drive adoption and raise awareness of the Office 365 platform. In a partnership with Microsoft, IOT is building a community of informed users that can use the available tools to improve their daily productivity, as well as increase overall business value.

This initiative has many components, but most notably:

WorkSmart 365 Champions Program that helps provide resources, learning opportunities, and early access to new features;
• A flourishing
Yammer Community that provides end-users a place to voice questions and thoughts with their peers, and a way to communicate directly with experts on the topics; and
• The
WorkSmart 365 Fall Conference.

The conference last year had more than 150 participants learning about topics related to Office 365: Team Productivity and Collaboration, Modern Business Applications, Intranets and Portals and Security and Compliance.

To register and stay updated with everything WorkSmart 365, click here.




GIS Day will take place from 7:30 a.m. to 3:50 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 17 at the Indiana Government Center South Conference Center.

This is your chance to explore the innovative ways GIS (geographic information systems) is used to improve government operations with maps and graphics using location information.

GIS is also used at the state to:

• Issue permits
• Plan transportation projects
• Share information with the public
• Study flooding
• Prepare for and respond to emergencies
• Understand environmental issues
• Study water quality
• Track health issues
• Inventory assets
• Understand public needs
• Plan new programs
• Promote economic development

Who should attend this conference?

Everyone who plans, manages, or performs activities similar to those above will benefit from attending this event. Presentations and resources are for all GIS users and pursuers of all levels.

State agencies, organizations and private sector companies will be in attendance and speaking at the one-day event.

The keynote address will be from Adam Carnow with Esri, the world’s most powerful mapping and spatial analytics software. A wide range of topics will then be addressed, including creating web maps, using terrestrial scanning, and more.

For more information and to register click here!


Changes in Server Backup Schedule

IOT has changed its backup frequency for servers hosted in the IOT datacenter, and is going to a new schedule, which will still provide broad data protection and reduce costs compared to the old backup schedule. This does not include employee Home drives or Email.

Go to IOT’s website for a GIF animated explanation of the new backup policy.

IOT is responsible for recovery and data protection of systems in the case of an accidental deletion or a disaster. However, data protection is not record retention and agencies should not rely on IOT to maintain backup copies of data for a retention request. If an agency is required by law or rule to maintain data, it is incumbent on them to preserve an active copy in storage.

IOT worked with the Indiana Archives and Records Administration on this backup schedule.

Indiana agencies get recognized for use of technologies

Congratulations to FSSA for being a finalist in the annual National Association of Chief Information Officer (NASCIO) State IT Recognition Awards in the Cross-Boundary Collaboration & Partnership category for its work with IDOC and MPH in identifying and applying for Medicaid coverage for inmates 60 days prior to release. This program showed tremendous improvement in reducing time-to-coverage for inmates and improved health outcomes.

BMV also took home the Innovative Use of Technology award at the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) a couple weeks ago for its BMV Connect Center service. BMV Connect kiosks allows customers to instantly receive most BMV deliverables, such as registration and license plate stickers, temporary driver's licenses, and driving records 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are more than 30 BMV Connect kiosks around the state, each of which offer the ability to complete more than 15 different transactions. The additional transactions and locations offer a convenient, alternative form of service and an opportunity to decrease customer wait times at branches. 

(BMV representatives third from left - Courtney Meeks, Deputy Director of Branch Operations and fourth from left, Kevin Garvey, Chief Operations Officer.)


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