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May/June 2018

Best of Indiana awards

2019 IOT Rates and Service Catalog

Test Phishing Emails

IOT's Project Success Center assists DCS

SSPM screensaver playing on a computer near you


Best of Indiana Awards

The Indiana Office of Technology invites nominations for its third annual Best of Indiana Awards! 

Entries for both contests are due Wednesday, August 15, 2017 by midnight PST.

For more information on the contests and entry forms, visit


The Best of Indiana Awards program was established to recognize Indiana state and local government and education organizations for their dedication, hard work and contributions in information technology. All government and education officials, executives and staff in Indiana are invited to submit nominations. An Evaluation Committee will review submissions in the following categories and select recipients. All projects nominated must be in production and fully operational by the submission deadline or have been implemented since January 1, 2017

The 2018 Best of Indiana categories are:

  • Best Application Serving an Agency’s Business Needs – State
  • Best Application Serving an Organization’s Business Needs - Local
  • Best Application Serving the Public – State
  • Best Application Serving the Public – Local

Awards will be handed out at the Indiana Digital Government Summit, held on September 27, 2018. 


2019 IOT Rates and Service Catalog

The change in the fiscal year brings new rates from the Indiana Office of Technology (IOT). The technology industry is always changing; providing fluctuation for IT products and usage. IOT, a revenue-neutral agency, has always made it a priority to maintain excellent services while working to minimize rate increases. This year, some rates will be reduced, while others will increase in order to offset increased IOT costs. On average, rates are decreasing by 0.6%. In some cases, agencies will see an overall decrease in their IOT bill, while others will see an increase.

IOT has a service catalog that details each rate, the associated services and the metrics. This document provides IOT customers a central place to find information about its provided services. The Service Catalog also contains information on how to: request a service, request help if you have an issue with a service, monitor the progress of your requests, resolve billing issues and how to terminate a service.

IOT is a revenue-neutral agency that operates on a charge-back model; it does not make a profit from its services. To figure out ways to potentially reduce an agency’s bill, IOT created a billing dashboard and has tips on reducing usage. If you cannot access the billing dashboard, the agency Financial Manager or Controller should contact their agency’s security coordinator to open an IOT help desk ticket requesting access.

Test Phishing Emails

Over the previous two weeks, IOT Security had more than 25,000 State of Indiana Government workers and contractors receive a benign, simulated phishing message. Twelve different templates were used as part of the exercise to benchmark our susceptibility to phishing threats. None of the emails were legitimate. There was no malware associated with clicking on the link and any threats, incentives or other tactics used to entice someone to phishingclick on the link were fake.

Overall, the State performed well against outside benchmarks. Our composite failure rate of 4% through this simulation was very good. We do need to temper our enthusiasm about the results a bit. The phishing messages were easy to recognize and even a 4% failure rate still equates to roughly 1,000 workforce members that will put citizen information at risk due to an entry-level phishing message. The most effective message in the campaign fooled 10% of the workforce (see the chart at the bottom of this message).

Over the coming months there will be additional phishing simulations (smaller scale) aimed at driving our susceptibility level down. Although more work needs to be done and we need to remain vigilant against cyber threats, a 4% click rate is likely among the top tier, as it relates to States. Our monthly trainings are important to keep cybersecurity top of mind and build a strong cyber aware culture here at the State.

IOT's Project Success Center assists DCS

IOT’s Project Success Center (PSC) was established in 2014 and has been able to assist other state agencies in implementing the latest in project management technologies. Recently, the PSC finished setting up the Department of Child Services (DCS) IT Project Management Office (PMO) staff with Microsoft Project Online.

“DCS msprojectChild Welfare IT’s goal for implementing Project Online was to have a better way to forecast our overall IT delivery,” said Tara Nelson, IT PMO Director. “Our PMO is roughly two years old and creating forecast metrics have been labor intensive. We needed an easier way to plan for team allocation supporting multiple system changes: production fixes, minor enhancements, and projects. We need this insight to provide better estimates for our customers and to plan for staffing to support critical projects.”

Mike Harbison, with PSC, led the Project Online roll-out for DCS. Training included not just the PMO staff, but everyone on the DCS Child Welfare IT team who may use some aspects of Project Online. Overall, around 50 staff members from DCS were trained.

DCS Child Welfare IT was able to save money by partnering with PSC on this endeavor. Instead of paying for the software, set up, licenses, and training; DCS only paid for PSC setup hours and Project Online license fees. DCS was able to save on training costs because PSC already had Project Online training materials available. If your agency is interested in setting up Project Online, contact PSC Director Diane Kelly.

SSPM screensaver playing on a computer near you

sspriconAre you one of more than 35,000 employees that have already registered for Self-Service Password Management (SSPM)? If so, the next time you forget your password or it expires, you can use SSPM to quickly get back to work.

Put down the telephone, use your mobile device or a co-worker’s computer and visit https://password.IN.gov.

To help users remember how to login to SSPM when they are locked out of their machine, IOT deployed a new screensaver (shown below) that can be used as a reminder. 


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