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An annual Prequalification Financial Modification Package must be submitted by all Consultants within 180 calendar days of the end of each consultant’s fiscal year.  Refer to page 2, Section B, of the online Consultant Prequalification Manual.  Submissions are made to the INDOT Prequalification section using the web-based submittal portal.  The below documents and information are to assist consultants with the Financial submission.

Note: External Audit section evaluates Financial Applications including the Cognizant Audit, CPA Audited, and Self Certified financial levels. Consultant firms wishing to submit an application at the Unit Price and Limited Services financial levels may do so through a separate quick and easy process. The Prequalification section reviews and approves those applications, rather than External Audit. For further information, see the above web page link Consultants Prequalification.

The Prequalification system PSCS Portal has been updated, and all financial applications with required documents for the consultant firm's selected level are now submitted online. See the PSCS Portal Financial Application Help document, hyperlinked below.

Financial Prequalification Documents & Information

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Ref: Financial Prequalification
100 N. Senate Ave., IGCN; Room N749
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Email - externalaudit1@indot.IN.gov

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