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Off-Site Training

 For a complete listing of classes and other activities at the ILEA check out our Event Calendar.

To list your courses on this site, contact Jim Miner at jminer@ilea.in.gov.

Training Sites Outside the ILEA -

Allen County Sheriff’s Office

May 30, 2019
Police Counter Ambush Tactics
Cost: $195 student
Register Here

Anderson Police Department

June 12 & 13, 2019
Applied Survival Tactics School
Cost is $200
Contact Sgt. John Baysinger, SWAT team commander to register at jbaysinger@cityofanderson.com or 765-621-9480.   Space is limited.

Auburn Police Department

May 20-24, 2019
Krav Maga Law Enforcement Instructor Certification Course
Cost: $825 per person (New)
$625 per person (Recertification)
Location: New Auburn Police Training/Firearms Facility
Learn how  to defend yourself against deadly threats, using techniques based upon the Krav Maga principles used by over 1000 Federal, State, and Municipal Agencies.
Contact: Jon Pascal or Karen Tintfass, Krav Maga Worldwide Force Training Division 310-477-9977 or

Benton County Sheriff's Department

June 13-14, 2019
VCAT (Vehicle Counter Ambush Training)
Force on Force (UTM SIMS included) VCAT is a course designed to put the student into realistic situations where you learn to fight through an attack/ambush while in a vehicle. Training covers vehicle set up, bail out bag contents, techniques to minimize rifle signature, shooting from driver & passenger seats through windshields, crossload & down driver drills, hard point selection, tactics on bounding from vehicle, and force on force
Cost $450
Call Scott with question 407-919-8215
June 17-18, 2019
July 15-16, 2019
LE Active Shooter Training
Force of Force (UTM SIMS included)
LE Active Shooter/CQB is a course specifically designed to put the officer into realistic situations where you have to move through buildings to eliminate the threat or threats.Training covers, conflict survival, 1,2 and 4 officer dynamic room entry techniques,economy of motion, situational shooting, target discretion, and rifle and pistol work as it pertains to CQB.
Cost $500
Call Scott with questions 407-919-8215

Bloomington Police Department

June 10-14, 2019
SWAT Team Leader Development
Cost: NTOA Individual Members: $685 / NTOA Agency Members: $710 / Non-Member: $740
This course is designed for law enforcement personnel who are responsible for deploying in the capacity as a SWAT Team Leader or as a supervisor who is responsible for the training and deployment of tactical teams.
Register online HERE.

September 9 - 13, 2019
Crisis/Hostage Negotiation Level II (Intermediate)
Presented by Crisis Systems Management, LLC
Cost:  $495 per person
Location:  City of Bloomington Public Safety Training Center
    3230 S. Walnut St. Bloomington, IN 47401
Register at www.crisisnegotiation.us/events
Questions Regarding the curriculum:
Deb McMahon 417-594 -1499 or crisisnegotiation@gmail.com
Questions Regarding registration:
Bobby Schembre 573-864-5031 or bobby@crisisnegotiation.us

October 7-11, 2019
SWAT Command Decision-making and Leadership I
This course is designed to expose police SWAT Team Commanders and Supervisors to contemporary SWAT issues, tactics and procedures.
$685 - NTOA Individual Members
$710 - NTOA Agency Members: (Includes 1 yr Digital Membership)
$740 - Non-Member (Includes 1-year Individual Membership)
To register online CLICK HERE.

October 29- November 1, 2019
Presented by CTS Training Institute
Cost:  $795.00
Location:  Bloomington Police Training Center 3230 S Walnut St Bloomington, IN 47403
Contact:  Julie Davis CTS Training Coordinator at 724-932-2177 ext. 110
    or training@combinedsystems.com

Brownsburg Police Department

May 20 - 21, 2019
Close Quarter Battle
Cost: $398
Register at: www.protraininc.com

June 17, 2019
Officers Survival on Traffic Stops Tactical Live Fire
Cost: $199
Register at: www.protraininc.com

September 19, 2019
Police Counter Ambush Assaults
Cost: $199
Register at: www.protraininc.com

September 30 - October 3, 2019
STOPS Instructors Course
Cost: $499 initial/ $325 re-certification
Register at: www.protraininc.com

November 12 - 13, 2019
Close Quarter Combat Live Fire
Cost: $398
Register at: www.protraininc.com

November 14, 2019
Advanced STOPS Instructors Tactical Live Fire
Cost: $199
Register at: www.protraininc.com

November 18, 2019
Understanding Police Use of Force ~The Real Rules
Cost: $185
Register at: www.protraininc.com

Clark County Sheriff's Office

October 15-18, 2019
STOPS Officers Survival Instructors Course
Register: dtenney@clarkcosheriff.com

November 19, 2019
Understanding Police Use of Force Class
Register: dtenney@clarkcosheriff.com

Clarksville Police Department

June 24 – 28, 2019

Cellebrite Certified Operator (2 day CCO)
Intermediate level
Cost: $3,850.00

Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst (3 day CCPA)
Advanced level
Cost: $3,850.00

For questions, contact: Lieutenant Shane Bassett   |   Training Coordinator   |   Clarksville Police Department
1970 Broadway Street  |  Clarksville, IN  47129  |  812-288-7151  x313  |  812-283-8680 Fax s.bassett@clarksvillepolice.com

September 16 - 20, 2019
Basic School Resource Officer (SRO) presented by NASRO
Cost:  $495.00
NOTE: All registrations made within 10 business days of the course start date will incur a $25.00 late-registration fee.
Register at:  https://nasro.org/events/?event-id=1016
Host Contact: Lt. Shane Bassett; s.bassett@clarksvillepolice.com

September 16-18, 2019
FTO School
Cost is $400
Contact Master Instructor Sgt. Steve Kleeman at 812-457-1597 or Skleeman@evansvillepolice.com.

Cumberland Metropolitan Police Department

June 25 - 26, 2019
Q6 Performance Leadership Model 2 day Seminar
Developed by: The Gallagher-Westfall Group, Inc.  www.gallagher-westfall.com
Instructed by: Major Danny Price and Major Tony Casto of Indiana State Police
Cost: $50.00
Held at: Buck Creek Event Center
5809 W. Airport Blvd.
Greenfield, IN 46140
Register or Questions, contact: Michelle Jones or Meagan Hartley at 317-894-3525
or email Michelle.Jones@indy.gov or Meagan.Hartley@indy.gov

Evansville Police Department

May 30 - 31, 2019
Police Motor Officer Tactics
Training includes:
Classroom Training
Scenario Training
Live Fire Training

Cost:  $175.00 – Payable to the Evansville Police Department Foundation (EPDF)
Non-refundable but can be applied towards future training events hosted by EPDF.

Training Questions:
Police Motor Officer Instructor Randy Matthews 812-204-4350
Firearms Instructor Eric Middendorf 812-455-1466
To register and lodging information Contact Debbie Hildebrandt at dhildebrandt@evansvillepolice.com or 812-436-4948

June 3 - 5,2019
Vehicle Interdiction (Commercial)
Cost: Free
This course provides students with the skills necessary to conduct successful commercial vehicle interdiction.
To register go to www.counterdrug.org.
If you have questions, please contact NCTC at 717-861-2070.

June 10, 2019
Suspect Tactics and Perimeter Containment
Cost: $125 per person / $100 per person with registration of 3 more.
To register please contact Debbie Hildebrandt dhildebrandt@evansvillepolice.com or 812-436-4948
For more information go to www.officertactics.com.

June 10-13, 2019
Law Enforcement Bicycle Association (LEBA) - Class A Certification Course
Cost: $225
Students must pass the written examination by a score of 70%. Practical exercises must be successfully performed and passed to the satisfaction of the Instructor(s) teaching the course. Students must: be able to successfully “Exit” the mountain bike safely and quickly, be able to demonstrate a full emergency braking using the front brake only, the rear brake only, and both brakes, demonstrate a safe and quick simulated arrest of a suspect on foot, and complete training rides using effective cycling techniques to pass this course.
Register online at http://realpolicerealprotection.com/meet/.

June 24-25, 2019
Taser X26 and X2 Instructor Course
Cost: $495
This course will certify you to instruct others on the use of the TASER X26 and X2 Electronic Control Devices (ECD).  To Register: www.axon.com/training.

June 26-28 , 2019
Spanish for Uniformed Patrol & Drug Interdiction Officers
Cost: FREE
To register go to the Northeast Counterdrug Training Center’s website at www.counterdrug.org.
If you have questions, please contact NCTC at 717-861-2070.

July 11-12, 2019
Northern Red Gunfighter Pistol Course
Cost: $675
Northern Red emphasizes the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship and increase the student’s ability to properly manipulate their weapon system.
To Register go to: www.Northernredtraining.com.

July 15 - 16, 2019
Human Trafficking
Cost: Free
This course on Human Trafficking covers 16 hours of first hand experiences and findings within the organizations engaged in these criminal activities that it supports.
To register go to www.counterdrug.org.
If you have questions, please contact NCTC at 717-861-2070.

July 22 - 23, 2019
Securing Your Identity
Cost: $420.00, $450.00 or $475.00 (depending on registration date)
Securing Your Identity will help establish your own strategy for disappearing from public view. Students will learn to make communications private, internet connections anonymous, computers hardened, identity guarded, purchases secret, accounts secured, and home address hidden.
Location:  CK Newsome Center 100 E. Walnut Street Evansville, In.47713
Register at: https://www.policetechnical.com/register/?id=1376

August 27-29, 2019
Simunition® Scenario Instructor and Safety Course
Cost: $620 / Re-certification $320 / Military $495
The class covers all aspects of reality-based training and provides product information, program development, scenario design and implementation, instructor development and procedures to run training safely.
For further information contact Simunition® at 800-465-8255. To register for the course please visit www.simunition.com.  Host Agency information may be obtained from: Debbie Hildebrandt at 812-436-4948 or email dhildebrandt@evansvillepolice.com

September 9 - 13, 2019
Basic Police Motorcycle Operator Course - Cost: $400
September 16 - 20, 2019
Basic Police Motorcycle Operator Recertification- No Cost
Location: Parking Lot of Roberts Stadium, 2600 Division, Evansville, IN.
Registration Contact: Debbie Hildebrandt – dhildebrandt@evansvillepolice.com - 812-436-4948
Training Questions: Ofc. Randy Matthews – kmatthews@evansvillepolice.com - 812-204-4350 or
Ofc. Eric Middendorf – emiddendorf@evansvillepolice.com / 812-455-1466

September 9-13, 2019
Basic Death & Homicide Investigation
Cost: $500
This 40-hour course will prepare the student to properly investigate all death cases. The focus will be on homicide investigation.  Students will participate in the investigation of cases as part of small interactive groups.
Registration:  Debbie Hildebrandt dhildebrandt@evansvillepolice.com -- 812-436-4948

September 16 - 20, 2019 (Module 2)
November 18 - 22, 2019 (Module 3)
Police Leadership Academy
Cost: $750 for each module, or all three for $2,100
This course is designed to meet the needs of professional law enforcement employees serving in supervisory through mid-level management ranks. Leadership topics are approached from an advanced supervisory to organizational level with critical human dimension components included.
Click here for more info and registration.

October 15 - 16, 2019
PepperBall Instructor/Armorer Certification
Cost: Two for one Pricing of $395!
Agency contact: Debbie Hildebrandt - 812-436-4948 or dhildebrandt@evansvillepolice.com
For registration contact: Training Manager, Karen Buchholz - kbuchholz@pepperball.com or 877-887-3773 toll free.

October 22 - 24, 2019
Comprehensive AR-15/16 Law Enforcement Armorer Class
Cost: $495.00
For Technical Information: ron@wstc.us
Class/Registration/Payment Information: riki@wstc.us  
Click Here to Register.

October 29, 2019
Glock Armorers Course/Recert
Location: FOP Lodge 73 – 801 Court Street, Evansville, IN
Cost: $250.00
Register: www.glocktraining.com

Fishers Police Department

June 4-7, 2019

Only $300 per person for the 3 and 1/2 day class:
90 person limit
Please send letter of intent, with attendee’s information and venue of class attending, in the
form of an email to vigilanceprojectcourse@gmail.com, in order to reserve your seat(s).
Payment via Agency check must be received (within 15 days of email) to confirm your
reservation, and sent to the following address:
The Vigilance Project LLC.
35 S. Beech St. Unit #836
Cortez, Colorado 81321
The final day to sign up for this course is June 1, 2019 - the final day to cancel is June 1, 2019
 (please note, no refunds will be given after said date).
Any questions, please email : vigilanceprojectcourse@gmail.com or
Training Coordinator Sgt. Scott Wilcox at wilcoxs@fishers.in.us

July 8 - 12, 2019
Foundations of Intelligence Analysis Training (FIAT)
Level of Instruction: BASIC
Tuition: $600 ($550 IALEIA/LEIU members)
Registration POC: Bob Morehouse @ bob.morehouse@doj.ca.gov  or call 916-263-1178
The International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA) and the Association of Law
Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIU) are now offering intelligence analysis training.

Fort Wayne Police Department

July 1, 2019
Hoosier UAS Public Safety Conference Drones - The Sky's the Limit
No Cost
Pre-Registeration AND Credentials Required
8:30AM - 3:30PM (Check-in start 7:30AM) Lunch provided
Location:  Sweetwater Sound 5501 US 30 Fort Wayne IN 46818
Register:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hoosier-uas-public-safety-drones-the-skys-the-limit-tickets-61062737291

Greentown Police Department

Pistol Class
Cost $150.00   
This class is provided to current Law Enforcement officers or qualified persons who are working and are looking for more advanced training.  New officer or Basic class is also offered.
All classes are Indiana Law Enforcement Board certified, so officers will receive credit hours and certifications.
Student must provide a weapon with holster, 3 magazines, and 300 to 350 rounds of ammo, ear and eye protection. Class will procced in inclement weather so dress accordingly. 
Minimum of 4 students.  Contact Bart Taber at Safesightconsulting@gmail.com or 765-480-5460.
Law enforcement students must be “on duty” or available for workman’s compensation while attending classes if injured.

Rifle Class
Cost $350.00
Law enforcement students must be “on duty” or available for workman’s compensation while attending classes if injured.
All classes are Indiana Law Enforcement Board certified, so officers will receive credit hours and certifications.
Student must provide, weapon, sling, minimum of 2 magazines, 350 to 400 rounds of ammo, eye and hearing protection and sign a liability waiver.
Duty belt, pistol, mags and 150 rounds of ammo for pistol.  Classes will proceed in inclement weather, dress accordingly.
This class is sponsored by the Greentown Police Department and Safe-Sight Consulting and is approximately 16 hours long.
Minimum of 4 students. Contact Bart Taber at safesightconsulting@gmail.com or 765-480-5460.

Greenwood Police Department

August 19 - 23, 2019
Criminal Intelligence & Analysis: Processes, Protocols & Applications
Cost: $595.00 (Late Registration: 7/29 - 8/19/19 - $625.00)
To register for the course, please contact The Alpha Group at 949-600-5196 and request the registration form. Please email the registration form to crimecrush@alphagroupcenter.com.
For additional information contact: Sgt. Holtzleiter at 317-859-4488 or  holtzlej@greenwood.in.gov.

October 21 - 22, 2019
AR 15/M-16/M4/AR308 Armorers Course
Held at the Greenwood Police Department Training Center. 
Cost is $450
Contact info as follows:

To register: Complete the Law Enforcement Training application at:
TheDefensiveEdge.com and fax to 763-712-1434 or scan/email to sully@slr15.com. Phone: 763-712-0123.

October 23 - 24, 2019
Law Enforcement Shotgun Armorers Course
Held at the Greenwood Police Department Training Center.
Cost is $450.
Contact info as follows:

To register: Complete the Law Enforcement Training application at:
TheDefensiveEdge.com and fax to 763-712-1434 or scan/email to sully@slr15.com. Phone: 763-712-0123.

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office

May 28, 2019
Understanding Police Use of Force~ The Real Rules 
Cost: $185
Register at:  www.protraininc.com

June 25, 2019
Glock Armorer Course
Cost: $250
Register at: https://www.glocktraining.com/

June 26, 2019
Leading Without Rank: Leadership for the Line Officer
Cost: $149
This course was designed to inspire officers to seek out leadership opportunities within organizations and provide the skills and motivation to influence behaviors of those around them and influence the culture of their organization.
Register at: https://lwor_noblesvillein_06_26_19.eventbrite.com

September 3-6, 2019
STOPS Instructors Course
Cost: $499 enrollment/ $325 re certification)
Register at:  www.protraininc.com

September 12, 2019
Applied Leadership Principles
(Performance Directed Management)
(Class size is limited, please register early)
Regular Tuition: $180 first registrant/$160 each additional (PO’s Vouchers, postmarked on or after September 6, 2019)
Prepaid Tuition: $160 first registrant/ $140 each additional (All cc payments and checks postmarked by September 5, 2019)
P.O’s, Vouchers, Claims, DOJ accepted but does not guarantee tuition rate
Fax entire page to VMA 614-451-8905 Call 800.331.8025 Email: vanmeterassociates@columbus.rr.com Online: www.vmanet.com

September 16-18, 2019
Pat McCarthy’s Street Crimes Seminar
Cost: $399 / Group Rates Available
Three days of street crimes will give you years of valuable street-tested techniques and tactics that you can use immediately on your very next shift.
To Register, Call: 800-275-4915 or go to www.streetcrimes.com.

March 5, 2020
Discipline and Termination: Rules, Policies and Procedures
(Performance Directed Management-a VMA-Honors System class)
Regular Tuition: $190 first registrant/$170 each additional (PO’s Vouchers, postmarked on or after February 27, 2020)
Prepaid Tuition: $170 first registrant/ $150 each additional (All cc payments and checks postmarked by February 26, 2020)
P.O’s, Vouchers, Claims, DOJ accepted but does not guarantee tuition rate
Fax this page to VMA 614-451-8905 Call 800.331.8025 Email: vanmeterassociates@columbus.rr.com Online: www.vmanet.com

Huntingburg Police Department

October 15, 2019
Armorer’s Course 
Price: $250.00 (lunch included)  
Minimum for class 20 - Max 35

October 16-17, 2019
Advanced Armorer’s Course
Price: $350.00 (lunch included)
Minimum for class 15 - Max 20 (Glock will provide weapons, tools and course materials for the class)
Register at www.glocktraining.com
Host Contact: Detective Sgt. Tyler Stivers 812-683-3003

Indiana Criminal Justice Institute

June 3 - 14, 2019
2019 DRE School
Location: IMPD Academy
Registration: www.indianadre2019.eventbrite.com
Click here to see a recent media story on this topic.

August 27 - 29, 2019
December 17 - 19, 2019
April 14 - 16, 2020
SFST Instructor Assist at ILEA

ARIDE: Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement

Indiana Law Enforcement Academy

Law Enforcement Leadership & Accountability Issues

July 15 - 17, 2019
Program One:
Managing For Organizational Integrity:
Police Leadership in the Era Of Accountability Maintaining The “Well-Disciplined” Organization

July 17 - 19, 2019
Program Two:
Advanced Internal Affairs:
Nuts, Bolts & Way Beyond + Critical Incident Management

Cost:  Either three day program - $595, Both programs in one week (recommended) - $795
(An agency sending three participants to either or both programs at the regular tuition amount will be allowed to send a fourth participant for free.  Payment more than 45 days in advance will earn a 20% discount.)
Attend one or both programs in one, five-day week!  Wednesday is an “overlap” day that will be attended by participants in both programs. It is about things that all supervisors and managers need to know about internal affairs and critical incident management.

Program One: Chiefs, Sheriffs, other Command Staff, and those who advise them.
Program Two: All those who conduct, supervise and/or manage Internal Affairs work.

For detailed course info: CLICK HERE
To register or for more information go to www.thomasandmeans.com or email marissa@thomasandmeans.com.

July 18-19, 2019
News Media Relations & On-Camera Training
Cost: $295
Training is geared for:  Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Public Information Officers, Command Staff, Trainers, Community Relations Personnel and anyone else who deals with the News Media.  This fast-paced, hands-on, interactive training is designed to help Public Safety communicate effectively with the Media and Public, both routinely and during times of crisis in Mainstream and Social Media.

Breaking News Simulations will place participants before a LIVE TV News camera for interviews and news conferences.   The instructors and the rest of the class get to act as reporters by asking tough questions.    Participants are given an objective critique, along with a video of their performance.

To Register: https://publicsafetymediatraining.com/training-classes/
For any questions or to register by phone: 303-470-0716.

Indiana Secretary of State Securities Division

June 27, 2019
The Indiana Secretary of State Securities Division and the Auto Dealers Division will be providing a Four (4) hour training program.
Securities Law and Auto Dealer  0800 - 1200
Location: INDOT TMC – ISP Post 52 Training Room located at 8620 E. 21st Street, Indianapolis, IN 46219
Securities Law
Investigating Securities violations Victim Restitution Fund
Receiving Assistance from our Office
Auto Dealer
Failure to Deliver a Title
Dealer Fraud
Receiving Assistance from our Office
Credit for LETB In-Service hours will be given.
Please R.S.V.P. to Don Cloud, (317-234-7182) or Drcloud@sos.in.gov by June 21, 2019. A minimum of 10 participants is required for presentation.

Indiana State Police

September 22 – 28, 2019
Indiana Covert Drug Investigation School (formerly known as Top Gun)
Cost: Free
Location: Camp Atterbury near Edinburgh, IN

Presented by the Indiana State Police and the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council (IPAC).  Open to all law enforcement officers and prosecutors in the state of Indiana.  There is no cost to the student - training, lodging, and meals are all provided.  For the entire duration of this training, you must be on duty with your agency and have the approval of your supervisor.

Application forms will be distributed in June. If you know an officer or prosecutor who has not attended and would like to be added to the mailing list, please see that the name and email address of said individual is sent to Cindy Williams at cwilliams@isp.in.gov
For more information or questions, contact: Major Kevin Hobson, Indiana State Police, Special Investigations Division - khobson@isp.in.gov, 317-247-1852 or Sergeant Craely David, cdavid@isp.in.gov, 317-234-4146.

Indiana State Police Laboratory

July 17, 2019 - Evansville
October 9, 2019 - Indianapolis
Forensic Refresh - Evidence Packaging and Submission & Latent Prints

For registration, contact Mallory Johnson - 812-868-2766 or MJohnson2@isp.lN.gov.

International Association of Chiefs of Police

School Safety Online Training Series
This is a series of four school safety online trainings: Forming Your Safe School Planning Team, Assessing School Safety, Preparing for a School Crisis, and Responding to a School Crisis. These highly-interactive, introductory level trainings are designed to assist in the development of crisis response plans to prevent and respond to events that threaten the safety of school environments.

Training topics include:

  • Identifying needs, gaps, and strategies to perform a comprehensive school safety assessment
  • Identifying potential members, roles, and responsibilities for a safe school planning team
  • Revising or creating preparedness strategies within a school safety plan
  • Developing crisis response strategies and incorporating them into a school safety plan

Trainings are no-cost, self-paced, and can be taken any day at any time.

Register now: http://elearning-courses.net/iacp/. For more information, contact Eileen LeFurgy at 800-843-4227 x 830 or juvenilejustice@theiacp.org.

Indiana University - Bloomington

June 6-7, 2019
Professional Grant Development Workshop
Master the techniques of writing superior winning proposals
Cost:  $595.00 (includes a comprehensive directory, electronic workbook, certificate of completion, and continental breakfast) Rebate of $45.00 per person is given for two or more registrants from the same organization.

This intensive two-day grant proposal workshop is geared towards those who wish to strengthen their grant writing skills, as well as beginners who wish to acquire and master the techniques of preparing and writing winning proposals to various funding agencies. The focus will be on how to effectively write proposals in times of keen competition and limited resources.

Register Here!  For more information call 866-704-7268.

Jasper County Sheriff’s Department

August 19, 2019
Understanding Police Use of Force~ The Real Rules Class
Cost: $185
Enrollments can be completed online at www.protraininc.com or call 574-310-1277.

Johnson County Sheriff’s Office

June 24-25, 2019
PSMA Police Social Media Academy for a 2-day social media training
Cost: $425
To register e-mail cwinkle@psmatraining.com
Contact: Chase Winkle - 765-730-3257

June 27, 2019
Glock Armorer 
Please visit Glock Training to register. https://www.glocktraining.com/Schedule.aspx

August 20-23, 2019
Four day ICP Course
OC Aerosol Projectors ICP 8 hrs – 1st Day
Tuition: $ 100.00
Less Lethal Impact Munitions ICP 8 hrs – 2nd Day
Tuition: $ 275.00
Chemical Munitions ICP 8 hrs – 3rd Day
Tuition: $ 350.00
Distraction Devices ICP 8 hrs – 4th Day
Tuition: $ 350.00
All Courses Provide Instructor Development For In-Service Training,
Including Reviews Of Policy Development And Civil/Criminal Liabilities.
Safariland Training Group Supplies All Munitions For Live-Fire Exercises.
Class info:  800-347-1200 Opt Training  or  mailto:products.training@safariland.com
REMIT PAYMENTS TO: Safariland Training Academy Training Department Federal Tax ID: 592044869.

Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Office

June 17-21, 2019 
KPCT - Police Control Tactics Level 1 Instructor
Location: Kosciusko County Sheriff's Office
Cost: $500/person
This course is presented by Khan Do Kwan Grandmaster Javed Khan.
Contact: Sgt. Travis Shively, Kosciusko County Sheriff's Office at 574-377-0068 or tshively@kcgov.com.

Lafayette Police Department

July 22-24, 2019
FTO School
Cost is $400
Contact Master Instructor Sgt. Steve Kleeman at 812-457-1597 or Skleeman@evansvillepolice.com.

Lawman Security and Consulting

June 3  or November 18, 2019
Own the Night: Low Light Training
Cost: $150
The lighting principles and techniques taught will give the officer a better working knowledge of equipment selection, proper employments and weapon light usage.
Register online at http://realpolicerealprotection.com/meet/

June 17, 2019
S.W.A.T. Tactics for Patrol
Cost: $400
This one day course is geared toward the smaller Law Enforcement Agency.  2-Man Structure Clearance is perfect for partners or coworkers who want to improve their skills and be safer/more effective on the job. Students will get multiple hands-on reps during the 8-hour course and eave with a plan for continued training to take back to their agency.
Register online at http://realpolicerealprotection.com/meet/

July 1, 2019
Finish the Fight: Ambush Solutions
Cost: $400
This one day course of instruction is designed to get the student familiar with fighting around and within the confines of a vehicle. 
Register online at http://realpolicerealprotection.com/meet/

October 21-23, 2019
Solutions for Hostage Rescue
Cost: $300
This course will consist of liability/legal concerns, structural movements and considerations, scenario based planning and resolution, and simmunitions evolutions to test and evaluate decision making.  Focusing on hasty planning and unique circumstances.
Register online at http://realpolicerealprotection.com/meet/

Lawrence Police Department

June 3 - 14, 2019
Traffic Crash Reconstruction
Cost: $1095.00
Traffic Crash Reconstruction builds upon IPTM’s Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation course by assisting you further in understanding vehicle dynamics. You will take part in a more intense study of time/distance calculations, two-dimensional momentum and impact speed calculations using momentum equations.
Registration: https://www.campusce.net/iptm/course/course.aspx?C=130&pc=45

July 8 - 12, 2019
Commercial Vehicle Crash Investigation – Level 1
Cost: $795.00
This intensive course will cover the unique characteristics of commercial motor vehicles and the special dynamics at play when one is involved in a collision.
Detailed information of the nomenclature and operation of commercial motor vehicles will provide you with a level of competence needed to have an adequate understanding of mechanical components, parts and pieces of the commercial motor vehicle and how they may factor into your investigation. To reinforce the concepts presented, you will conduct “hands-on” exercises and vehicle testing during the course.
Registration: https://www.campusce.net/iptm/course/course.aspx?C=231&pc=45

July 29 - August 2, 2019
Commercial Vehicle Crash Investigation – Level 2
Cost: $825.00
Designed to further enhance the knowledge and skills you acquired in IPTM’s Commercial Vehicle Crash Investigation–Level I course, this class focuses on a detailed analysis of commercial vehicle systems and dynamics along with the application of your findings to the crash reconstruction.
We will begin by analyzing the ABS air brake system on commercial motor vehicle (CMV) truck-tractors and trailers by conducting tests to determine average air brake chamber pressure. You will participate in a “hands-on” field inspection as we conduct brake tests with a CMV.
We’ll teach you how to construct free-body diagrams and formulate equilibrium equations to determine the range of weight distribution on the axles. We will also examine quasi-static and dynamic rollover propensities and conduct an analysis of suspension spring rates.
After a review of high and low speed off-tracking, we will show you how to derive the equations for establishing maximum off-track distance. You will also learn how to interpret and analyze rotational motion that may be present in a CMV crash.
Finally, we will discuss the different types of transmissions used in today’s commercial motor vehicles and teach you how to obtain the range of speeds for the vehicle based upon the gear position at the time of the crash.
Registration: https://www.campusce.net/iptm/course/course.aspx?C=289&pc=45

August 26 - 30, 2019
Investigation of Motorcycle Crashes
Cost: $795.00
This course is designed for experienced traffic crash investigators who have a good working knowledge of the techniques and applications of formulas taught in basic crash investigation courses and who wish to build upon that foundation with more advanced mathematical formulas used to analyze motorcycle crashes.
You will be given a manual of applicable information to use as a motorcycle reference book.
Registration: https://www.campusce.net/iptm/course/course.aspx?C=144&pc=45

September 5, 2019
Discipline and Termination: Rules, Policies and Procedures
Cost: $180.00
Dr. Van Meter and Associates will be teaching this course:
Topics Include:

  • How courts and arbiters support management’s right to enforce its rules, policies, procedures and practices with discipline and termination
  • The principles of Just Cause and Due Process as they apply to progressive discipline and terminations.
  • How to use traditional vs. non-traditional approaches to progressive discipline and termination.

Attendees will receive a manual, model forms, model discipline-termination
policy and certificate of attendance
Registration: www.vmanet.com

September 23 - 27, 2019
Pedestrian/Bicycle Crash Investigation – Level 1
Cost: $795.00
Pedestrian and bicycle crashes are one of the most frequent types of injurious crashes in urban areas. Because of their unique nature, special techniques are required to investigate and reconstruct these incidents.
This course addresses the special dynamics involved in pedestrian and bicycle traffic crashes. From reaction times to victim injury analysis to environmental factors, you’ll learn to recognize and interpret the evidence and correlate it with the collision sequence.
Registration: https://www.campusce.net/iptm/course/course.aspx?C=258&pc=45

September 24 – 25, 2019
Property and Evidence Management for Law Enforcement Agencies
IAPE New Member Rate - $375
IAPE Second Person* - $350
IAPE Current Member - $325
IAPE Member – Previous Attendance - $300

International Association For Property & Evidence will be be teaching this course:
This two-day course provides a unique training opportunity for those responsible for, or are actively involved in the operation, supervision or management of a Property and Evidence Unit.

* DNA storage impacts        * Auction Procedures
* Firearm Handling               * Disposal Procedures
* Narcotics Handling            * Safety 
* Currency                            * Diversion of Evidence
* Purging Guidelines            * Packaging
* Bio-Hazards                      * Automation
* Future Issues                    * Certification
* Liabilities                           * Design Criteria 
* Audits                               * Space Standards
* Inventories                        * IAPE Accreditation
* Documentation                 * NIJ/NIST Guidelines for DNA / Biological Evidence

Registration: http://www.iape.org

October 7 - 11, 2019 
Internal Affairs:  Policy, Practice, & Legal Considerations
Cost: $795 cash/check, $820 Visa/Mastercard
The Southern Police Institute Instructors will be teaching the course.
Registration: http://www.louisville.edu/spi
Questions:  Sergeant Timothy Christie Training Coordinator tchristie@cityoflawrence.org

Lebanon Police Department

May 22 & 23
Policing the Teen Brain Workshop
8:00am-4:30pm  Lunch provided by LA Cafe
Register: Email Denise Schoeff by March 8,2019  dschoeff@co.boone.in.us
These classes are funded by Boone County JDAI and will accommodate 35 Police Officers.

June 15 - 16, 2019
Larry Vickers 2 Day Advance Carbine
(at Lebanon Police Department Range)
Cost: $575
This class covers all the basic and intermediate skills required to competently operate a carbine. This class is suitable for a wide range of students from those with rudimentary experience to those seeking to improve and refine their existing carbine skills. Topics covered include carbine safety, stance, zeroing sights, sight alignment and trigger control. Other subject matters that are covered include reloading, weapon presentation, strong side & weak side shooting, various shooting positions, use of cover, and shooting on the move. Different skill drills including dry fire and bullseye shooting are introduced as well as malfunction drills and weapon transition from rifle to pistol. Day Two will include a review and drill applications of all the topics that were covered. Timed fire drills and evaluations are based on class skill level. Additionally, Larry will make himself available to any student during class breaks and after class to answer individual questions.
Register at https://www.aztectrainingservices.com

July 12 - 14, 2019
Gunsite 150 Three Day Pistol Course
(at Lebanon Police Department Range)
Cost: $1,090
Location: Lebanon Police Department Range
3 days of Gunsite doctrine covering the Modern Technique of the pistol!
This is an excellent opportunity for first time students to learn Gunsite doctrine. It is also a great refresher for our alumni graduates.
We will cover the Combat Triad – marksmanship, gun handling and mindset.  As with all our courses, safety will drive everything we do as you progress during 3 days of world premier pistol training.
Register at https://www.gunsite.com

September 13 - 15, 2019
Gunsite 150 Three Day Pistol Course
Cost: $1,090
Location: Lebanon Police Department Range
3 days of Gunsite doctrine covering the Modern Technique of the pistol!
This is an excellent opportunity for first time students to learn Gunsite doctrine. It is also a great refresher for our alumni graduates.
We will cover the Combat Triad – marksmanship, gun handling and mindset.  As with all our courses, safety will drive everything we do as you progress during 3 days of world premier pistol training.
Register at: https://www.gunsite.com

September 19 & 20, 2019
TASER Instructor Course
This course will certify new instructors AND recertify existing instructors on the TASER X26P, X2, and Taser 7 devices 
Cost: $495 per student.  
Register or for more information, visit https://academy.axon.com/ and search for our event.  
Registration closes Aug. 29.  

November 1 - 3, 2019
Gunsite 123 Three Day Carbine Course
(at Lebanon Police Department Range)
Cost: $1,090
In this class you will learn proper zeroing and sighting for your choice of sights and optics.   All manipulations will be thoroughly taught as they apply to your weapon system.  You will fire from a variety of conventional and unconventional shooting positions. Our instructors will show you how to get into and recover from sitting, kneeling and prone variations.   This course also includes introduction to low light and no light shooting techniques.
Register at https://www.gunsite.com.

Logansport Police Department

May 29, 2019
Police Counter Ambush Assaults
Cost: $199
Register at: www.protraininc.com

June 25, 2019
Officers Survival on Traffic Stops Tactical Live Fire Course
Cost: $199
Register at: www.protraininc.com

September 24, 2019
Tactical Vehicle Combatives Live Fire Course
Cost: $199
Register at: www.protraininc.com

Louisville Metro Police Department

July 9 - 11, 2019
 $425.00 per person
GSA rates available for Federal Employees
Questions? Contact Julie Rock at 855-479-3959 or  jrock@reid.com

Louisville Metro Police Department
Training Academy
2911 Taylor Blvd., Louisville KY

Merrillville Police Department

September 10-11, 2019
Armorer Certification - SIG SAUER Pistols
Course No.: AC-AC-20190910-1F
Tuition: $430 
Register on-line at www.sigsaueracademy.com or 
contact the SIG SAUER Academy Training Coordinator via phone at 603-610-3411.

September 12-13, 2019
Armorer Certification-SIG SAUER M400/M16/M4/AR15 Rifle 
Course No.: AC-M400AC-20190912-1F
Tuition: $430 
Register on-line at www.sigsaueracademy.com or 
contact the SIG SAUER Academy Training Coordinator via phone at 603-610-3411.

Monon Police Department

June 24-25, 2019
The Street Smart Cop/Pro-Active Patrol Tactics (2 Day Course)
Cost $199.00
Register at: https://streetcoptraining.com/events/the-street-smart-cop-pro-active-patrol-tactics-2-day-course-30/
Any Questions contact the Monon Police Department 219-253-8414.

Morgan County Sheriff’s Department

June 19 - 20, 2019
Women in Law Enforcement-Principles for Success
Cost: $350
Register by contacting: Michael DeHart, mddehart08@gmail.com or 317-403-8840

Northwest Indiana Law Enforcement Academy

May 22, 2019
Computer Digital Investigations Training (FieldSearch)
Cost is $375.00 per student (for training and certification)
Field Search Software 5.2 is available free of charge to government agencies through the Justice
Technology Information Center (JTIC). All students will receive a licensed copy of this software. No
hidden costs or re-occurring fees. Officers receive a 4GB USB drive with all course material.
705 E 4rth St.
Hobart, IN 46342
For more information call Deborah 1-815-245-8476 or register online www.ekitsupply.com
Students should bring a lap top computer to class, if not available, use one of ours! Call to reserve one.

Parkview Hospital Police Department

May 20 – 24, 2019
Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training
This conference is being provided free of charge to 30 participants.
Participants will need to bring or purchase lunch during lunch breakouts.
Training held at:
Parkview Mirro Center for Research and Innovation
10622 Parkview Plaza Drive | Fort Wayne, Ind.
To register, visit parkview.com/CITConference and click on the “Register Here” button.
If you need additional information, contact:
Matthew Daughtry, deputy chief, matthew.daughtry@parkview.com | 260-373-9227
Grant Cowan, captain of training, grant.cowan@parkview.com | 260-266-1180
Michael Eckroth, director of emergency preparedness, michael.eckroth@parkview.com | 260-266-1188

Pendleton Police Department

June 3 - 6 2019
Stops Instructor Course
Cost: $499 ($325 for Recertification - June 4 & 5, 2019)
Location: Pendleton Heights High School. 1 Arabian Drive Pendleton IN 46064
Registration is done at www.protraininc.com or call Ron Hantz, 574-310-1277.

Shirley Police Department

October 14-16, 2019
FTO School
Cost is $400
Contact Master Instructor Sgt. Steve Kleeman at 812-457-1597 or Skleeman@evansvillepolice.com

South Bend Police Department

June 17-21, 2019
Krav Maga for Law Enforcement
Cost: Registrations before May 25th get the early bird rate of $600!  Registrations after May 25th pay the regular price of $800.
Location:  4210 Lincoln Way West, South Bend, IN 46628
Meaning "Contact Combat," Krav Maga is an Israeli Tactical self defense system.  A practical and tactical system, Krav Maga teaches how to prevent, deal with, and overcome all kinds of violence and attacks.
For more info & registration CLICK HERE
Questions: Contact PFC Chris Brady at 574-235-9158 or email at cbrady@southbendin.gov.

Syracuse Police Department

July 11, 2019
Glock Armorer’s Course
Cost:  $250 per officer
Location: Syracuse Community Center  1013 N Long Dr. Syracuse, IN.
Register at:  www.glocktraining.com

Valparaiso Police Department

October 16-18, 2019
Field Training Officer’s Course
Cost: $425 (includes: 24 hours of credit and a certificate of training)
A lap top computer will be needed in this course.
To Register for the course contact: Michael DeHart at 317-403-8840 or mddehart08@gmail.com.