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Eviction Prevention and Low-Barrier Screening

Many of IHCDA’s partners have committed to implementing low-barrier and eviction prevention practices at their affordable and supportive housing properties. Starting with the 2020-2021 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP), IHCDA introduced a new scoring category for Rental Housing Tax Credits (RHTCs) for properties committed to reducing the impact of eviction and implementing low-barrier tenant screening.

RHTC properties that elected to receive points for Eviction Prevention in this category of the QAP are obligated to develop an eviction prevention plan using IHCDA’s template Eviction Prevention Protocol. The plan must address how the property will implement management practices that utilize eviction only as a last resort and must describe strategies that will be taken with tenants on an individualized basis to attempt to prevent evictions when issues arise.

RHTC properties that elected to receive points for low-barrier tenant screening must develop a Tenant Selection Plan that will not screen out applicants for evictions that occurred more than 12 months prior to the date the household applies for a unit.

Plans must be submitted to IHCDA for review at least one month prior to initial lease-up and will be reviewed as part of ongoing compliance monitoring to ensure that the approved practices remain in place. Submit plans to

Note that the QAP changes with each edition. To find the requirements for a specific property, refer to the QAP for the corresponding funding year or to the IHCDA Tax Credit Compliance Manual.