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IESA Registration

  1. Go to the IDEM eAuthentication Page
  2. Click on New User Registration.
  3. Enter a User Name between 6 and 40 alphanumeric characters. Do not include punctuation, spaces or special characters in the User Name. Click on Continue.
  4. Create Password containing the required elements. Re-enter password. Click Continue.
  5. Enter all required fields in the User Profile Information.
  6. You are required to have at least one Contact Number. Select the Contact # Type from the drop down list. Enter the Contact Number with no punctuation or spaces. Click Continue.
  7. Select service. Click Continue.
  8. You must add at least one facility. Click on Add Facilities.
  9. You may search for a facility by name or follow the instructions located at the top of the Facility Search window. After entering the information, click on Search.
  10. Select your facility and click Add Role.
  11. Click the down arrow and select the appropriate Role you will perform for this facility.
  12. If you select Data Entry or Signatory (Delegated Authority), you must complete the Supervisor/Legal Signatory Authority/Responsible Official Information section with the details of the person who has granted this authority to you.
  13. You may add additional facilities now or click Continue.
  14. The IESA information is displayed for each facility. Review all information displayed on the page.
  15. If the information is correct and accurate, scroll down to and click on the check box next to the "I Certify..." statement and then click on the Submit to continue the registration process.
  16. You have successfully completed the registration process. Click Return.

Note: You will receive an email from eServices with a copy of your IESA for each facility. Please print and sign the IESA and mail to the address listed on the IESA. You will not be able to log into the system until IDEM receives the paper IESA and completes the verification process.

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