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TMDL Documents

Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) reports are assessments of water quality in rivers, lakes, and streams in a given watershed where impairments exist. The report contains an overview of the waterbodies, the sources of pollutants, the methods used to analyze data, reductions in levels of pollutants needed to restore water quality, actions that need to be taken to reduce pollutant levels, and actions that are being taken to improve water quality.

A TMDL Report will fall in one of three categories:

  • TMDLs Under Development: These TMDLs are being researched and written and the progress is noted in the table.
  • TMDLs on Public Notice: These TMDLs are in the final stage of approval and are in a Public Comment Period. A public comment period typically lasts thirty (30) days. All comments should be sent to the project manager on or before the close of business on the date listed.
  • Approved TMDLs: These TMDLs have been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and are available to view, print, or download.
TMDL Reports
TMDLs Under Development
TMDL Name Notes Documents Progress
Laughery Creek     Under Research
White River, East Fork (Lower Watershed)   Interactive Story Map Under Research
TMDLs on Public Notice
TMDL Name Notes Documents Notice Dates *
* All comments are due in writing by close of business on the date specified
Approved TMDLs
TMDL Name Parameter Approval Date
Beanblossom Creek E. coli 04/02/2006
Big Blue River E. coli 07/31/2006
Big Blue River (Lower) E. coli 07/14/2014
Big Raccoon Creek E. coli
Impaired Biotic Communities (IBC)
Blue River, South Fork E. coli 09/15/2017
Cicero Creek E. coli 09/30/2011
Deep River-Portage Burns E. coli
Impaired Biotic Communities (IBC)
Duck, Pipe, Killbuck, Stony Creek E. coli 04/23/2008
Eel River, Lower E. coli 03/28/2005
Fall Creek E. coli 03/31/2004
First Creek E. coli 04/29/2005
Flatrock-Haw Creek E. coli 09/22/2005
Galena River Watershed E. coli 09/20/2010
Highland-Pigeon Creek E. coli
Indian Creek E. coli 07/19/2005
Kankakee/Iroquois Watershed E. coli 09/29/2009
Kessinger Ditch E. coli 04/05/2005
Kokomo Creek Dissolved Oxygen
Lake Michigan E. coli 09/01/2004
Lambs Creek E. coli 03/01/2006
Limberlost Creek Nitrogen
Total Suspended Solids
Little Calumet River and Burns Ditch E. coli 01/28/2005
Mississinewa River, Upper E. coli
Impaired Biotic Communities (IBC)
Otter Creek E. coli 09/20/2013
Pigeon River E. coli
Pleasant Run E. coli 03/31/2004
Plummer Creek E. coli 06/08/2006
Prairie Creek E. coli 12/13/2004
Richland Creek E. coli 08/03/2006
Salt Creek E. coli 09/27/2004
Salt Creek (2012) E. coli
Impaired Biotic Communities (IBC)
Salt Creek, Lower E. coli 09/10/2018
St. Joseph River (Lake Erie) E. coli
Total Suspended Solids
St. Joseph River (Lake Michigan) E. coli 07/21/2004
St. Marys and Maumee E. coli
Impaired Biotic Communities (IBC)
08/21/2006 (E. coli)
09/22/2006 (IBC)
Sugar Creek E. coli 05/14/2007
Trail Creek E. coli 03/01/2004
Upper Mill Creek E. coli 03/31/2005
Wabash River E. coli
Impaired Biotic Communities (IBC)
Dissolved Oxygen
White River Headwaters, Upper E. coli 09/20/2011
White River, Middle West Fork E. coli 07/21/2005
White River, West Fork
(Marion County to Waverly)
E. coli 03/31/2004
White River, West Fork
(Muncie to Hamilton-Marion County Line)
E. coli 04/09/2004
White River, West Fork
(Owen, Greene, and Monroe Counties)
E. coli 08/16/2007
Whitewater River, East Fork E. coli 07/26/2007
Whitewater River, Southern E. coli
Impaired Biotic Communities (IBC)
Dissolved Oxygen
Whitewater River, West Fork E. coli 04/02/2009
Wildcat Creek, Lower E. coli 09/24/2010
Wildcat Creek, Middle E. coli 09/24/2010
Wildcat Creek, South Fork E. coli
Total Suspended Solids
Wildcat Creek, Upper E. coli 09/24/2010