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Source Water Proximity Determination Tool

Source Water Proximity Determination Tool

The Drinking Water Branch has launched a self-service feature which allows one to determine source water proximity without submitting the application form. This tool will identify whether a site is located in a Source Water Susceptibility Area and/or Wellhead Protection Area. Source Water Susceptibility Areas relate to surface water and Wellhead Protection Areas relate to groundwater.

  • Use the search tool located in the upper left hand corner of the application to zoom to your site of interest by way of city, county, or address; or use the mouse to click on the site of interest displayed on the map.
  • Once the site of interest has been located and selected, move the map so that the point is in the center of the window, and use the print tool to create a .pdf of a source water proximity determination response.
  • Note: If an error or login prompt occurs using the tool, please try using a different web browser.  If the error continues using a different web browser, please contact the Groundwater Section.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Groundwater Section.

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