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U.S. Steel Consent Decree

The following statement and documents are not a part of the consent decree:

IDEM statement, December 4, 2018: The assertions in US Steel’s report are consistent with the event and US Steel’s interactions with IDEM’s inspection and emergency response staff. Since this 5 day report is required to be compiled by U.S. Steel, it will likely be attached to IDEM’s inspection report. However, IDEM will be issuing its own report on or about the beginning of next week.

Press release: U. S. Steel Corporation Agrees to Improve Environmental Compliance at Indiana Facility, Pay Civil Penalty, and Reimburse U.S. for Response Costs and Damages for Toxic Chromium Spill

The U.S. Department of Justice website provides the consent decree to view, as well as ways to submit comments about the decree.

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