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Johnson Co.: American Indiana Water

The Johnson County District includes the cities of Greenwood and Franklin (serving a population of 66,868). They draw water from six well fields located throughout Johnson County. Recognizing that these water sources, located in sandy outwash aquifers, are highly vulnerable, a wellhead protection team was formed in December 1998.

Currently many activities are being spearheaded by the Johnson County Wellhead Protection Group (JCWPG) which meets several times a year. This group has a membership of over 20 individuals representing the agricultural and mining operations in the area along with four public water supplies, the county health department, the county Emergency Management Agency, the county GIS department, the County Solid Waste Management District, IDEM and DNR. The group has been meeting informally since 2004, but is about to finalize a formal agreement to meet quarterly and seek commitments from each participant to support a wellhead protection education program.

In 2007, the JCWPG organized a booth at the Johnson County Fair where water samples from private wells were analyzed for arsenic and nitrates at no cost. Another booth is being planned for this year’s County Fair. Coordination with the Solid Waste Management District and the Health Department’s educational programs will be part of their program. There are also plans to put up signs near transportation routes and to pursue a county-wide ordinance that would address activities within a wellhead protection area.

Congratulations to Indiana American Water and the Johnson County local planning team for receiving the Hoosier Water Guardian Award with Distinction at the 2009 Indiana AWWA annual conference!

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