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Indiana Harbor Coke / Cokenergy Consent Decree

This page provides direct access to documents submitted on behalf of Indiana Harbor Coke Company (IHCC) and Suncoke Energy pursuant to the Consent Decree in the joint federal/state enforcement action entitled UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and THE STATE OF INDIANA v. INDIANA HARBOR COKE COMPANY, and SUNCOKE ENERGY, INC., and COKENERGY, LLC.

Correspondence, reports, and other submittals made by IHCC and Cokenergy not specifically required by this Consent Decree will not be included here but will be available through the IDEM Virtual File Cabinet (Source IDs: IHCC - 089-00382 and Cokenergy - 089-00383).

Questions related to the documents listed below can be directed to Betsy Zlatos with IDEM’s Office of Legal Counsel or emailed to IDEM.


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