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County/Local Retention Schedules

The following listed schedules have been approved by the Oversight Committee on Public Records.

Any records not listed on these schedules may be destroyed only with written permission of your county commission on public records and the Indiana Archives and Records Administration.

When searching for the correct record series to apply to a set of records, Records Custodians should first reference their office-specific schedule. If no record series listed there seems to cover your records, check the broader categories on the County/Local General Retention Schedule (GEN).

If nothing on the GEN schedule seems to apply to your records either, contact IARA's County/Local Records Management section at for assistance.

To search across all approved retention schedules for specific content, you can also visit our Record Series Search - but be aware that the search results will also include record series that belong to state agencies, which cannot be used for county or local records. If you see a Record Series Number that begins with the letters "GR" or contains no letters at all, you're looking at a state agency record series that doesn't apply to your office.

Each Retention Schedule below is packaged in a PDF document, which

Retention Schedules for County Officers

Retention Schedules for Cities and Towns

Other Local Retention Schedules

Additional Retention Information