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County / Local Government Retention Schedules

The following listed schedules have been approved by the Oversight Committee on Public Records.

Any records not listed on these schedules may be destroyed only with permission of your county commission on public records and the Indiana Archives and Records Administration.

Officials should first reference their office-specific schedule. If the form or record series for which you're looking is not listed, refer to the County/Local General Retention Schedule (GEN)

Each Retention Schedule below is provided as a separate PDF document (which requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to read/print) that applies only to the listed type of government unit. To search all retention schedules for specific content, explore the history of record types that are no longer created, or browse schedules from all branches of government, please visit our Records Retention Schedule Search.


Retention Schedules For:

County Officers

Cities, Towns & Special Districts

Other Local Retention Schedules

Additional Retention Information