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Plan on weekly virtual meetings on TEAMS usually at 10am



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List of Indiana Codes for Veteran Benefits

Disabled Veteran Property Tax Deductions IC 6-1.1-12 (sections 13 14 15)
Tuition and Fee Exemption for Purple Heart Recipients IC 21-14-10-1
Tuition and Fee Exemption for Children of Veterans IC 21-14-4
Commission for Higher Education Definitions IC 21-21
Discounted Hunting and Fishing License for Disabled Veterans IC 14-22-12
Disabled Hoosier Veteran License Plates IC 9-18.5-5
Ex-POW License Plates IC 9-18-17
Income Tax Deductions IC 6-3-2-4
Golden Hoosier Passport Fees IC 14-19-3-4
Vehicle Excise Tax IC 6-6-5-5.5
Delayed High School Diploma IC 20-20-7
Peddler, Vendor, or Hawker License for veterans IC 25-25-2
Burial Allowance IC 10-17-10
Military Family Relief Fund IC 10-17-12
Veteran Affairs IC 10-17-1
Hoosier Veteran Definition 1-1-4-5
Unclaimed Remains IC 10-17-1-4.5

Ethics Presentation
State Benefits Presentation
District Map
VA21 for IDVA
General Sales Tax Exemption Certificate
Missing Receipt Certificate
State Fleet Vehicle Management Policy
Federal Benefits Booklet
PIV Non- Federal Employee Registration/User Guide
WEX Driver Guide
How to Obtain a PIV Card
VA Systems Access Request Form
MSE-VSO-Job Aid TMS 2.0

VARO Training Sessions
RAMP 2/22/2018
Fiduciary 4/26/2018

District Service Officers
North West District:      Thomas White 
North East District:       Cameron Lochner
Central West District:   Bryan Schmidt
Central East District:    Mark Smith
South West District:     Kevin Hinton
South East District:      Ron Higgins




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