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Pay Taxes Electronically

DORpay for Individual Payments

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To learn more about DORpay, please download and read the DORpay Quick Step Guide.


INTIME provides access to file and pay various corporate income and business tax obligations. For more information, visit INTIME.

Ready to access the Indiana Taxpayer Information Management Engine (INTIME)?
Make a Corporate Income or Business Tax Payment


As of September 2020: INtax supports the following tax forms: SF-900, SF-401, AVF-150, VSE-103, MF-360, TTG-103, GT-103, GT-103DR, ALC-W, ALC-FW, ALC-DWS, ALC-M, ALC-PS, (OTP) CT-19, OTP-M, and OTP-PACT

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

EFT allows our business customers to quickly and securely pay their taxes. While some tax obligations must be paid with EFT, several thousand businesses use the program for its speed and convenience.

To learn more about the EFT program, please download and read the EFT Information Guide.
For more information, call (317) 232-5500.

What’s New for 2020: Business Payments

New Business Customers

When a new business registers with the Secretary of State through INBiz, customers will receive an automated email from DOR with a Letter ID and instructions on how to register for INTIME.

Customers will create a username and password for their new INTIME account, and are encouraged to review the INTIME User Guide to help securely manage, file and pay their business tax obligations for sales and withholding.

Existing Business Customers

Existing customers who currently file business sales and withholding taxes via INtax should begin migrating their accounts to INTIME starting Sept. 8, 2020 to continue managing their tax accounts online securely via the new portal.

Customers will be able to immediately create a username and password for INTIME using a special migration code unique to the specific user and their business access—this code will be displayed in INtax as early as Sept. 8. An INtax to INTIME Migration Quick Start Guide will be available in late August to assist customers with the INTIME logon creation process and account migration.

While INtax will remain accessible from Sept. 8 to Dec. 31, 2020, functionality will be greatly reduced to file and pay only for current filing periods. Existing customers are highly encouraged to make the switch to INTIME as early as possible to begin taking advantage of all the new functionalities the secure, online e-services portal has to offer including:

  • Manage, file and pay tax obligations
  • Easy-to-use, direct messaging with DOR representatives
  • Availability of filing history for the past three calendar years For more information visit our Project NextDOR webpage. (Insert link)

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