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Departmental Notices

NumberTitleRev. Date
1How to Compute Withholding for State and County Income Tax  12/19
2Gasoline Use Tax Rate  07/20
3Interest Rates for Calendar Year 202009/19
4Form Specifications for Software Developers 10/18
5Reporting Employee Taxes Withheld 01/19
6Indiana Sales Tax Levied on Motor Fuel 06/00
7Indiana Sales Tax Levied on Motor Fuel - Reinstatement of the tax effective September 15, 2000 11:59 pm 08/00
8Certain Cigarettes not to be Sold or Distributed in, or Transported to Indiana 10/00
9Indiana Sales Tax Levied on Motor Fuel - Extension of the Suspension on Sales Tax Levied on Motor Fuel effective September 30, 2000 11:59 pm 09/00
10Indiana Sales Tax Levied on Motor Fuel - Effective October 1, 2000 the Sales Tax Suspension Continues 09/00
11Reinstatement of the Indiana Sales Tax Levied on Motor Fuel 10/00
12State and Federal Excise Taxes Levied on Motor Fuel06/20
13Deleted 07/17/14 - Shelby County Innkeepers' Tax 
14Deleted 02/08/17 - Cigarette Tax Rate Increase Effective July 1, 2007 
15Deleted 02/08/17 - Tobacco Product (Other than Cigarette) Tax Rate Increase Effective July 1, 2007 
16Withholding of Tax on Riverboat Gaming Winnings 10/19
17Deleted 03/27/08 - Transition of the Indiana Sales Tax Increase Effective for Transactions Occurring After November 30, 2002. Replaced by Departmental Notice #2611/02
18Deleted 05/01/03 - Filing Requirements for Corporate Fiscal Years Beginning in 2002 and Ending in 2003 
19All Fuel Tax Accounts07/05
20Deleted 10/05/09 - Marion County Local Tax Increases 
21Food and Beverage Taxes 07/05
22Interest Rates for July 1, 2007 Through December 31, 2007 05/07
23Deleted 07/17/14 - Allen County Innkeepers’ Tax 
24Deleted 07/17/14 - Starke County Innkeepers’ Tax 
25Deleted 03/07/13 - Sales Tax Collection Allowance Reduced for Certain Retailers07/07
26Transition of the Indiana Sales Tax Increase Effective for Transactions Occurring After March 31, 2008 03/08
27Sales Tax Collection Allowance For Retailers and Remitters of Gasoline Use Tax 08/14
28Termination of E-85 Sales Tax Deduction 05/08
29Sales Tax Deduction Limit for E-85 Fuel 09/08
30Termination of E-85 Sales Tax Deduction10/08
31Treatment of Vouchers Issued Pursuant to the Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act of 2009 (CARS)07/09
32Deleted 07/17/14 - Marion County Innkeepers’ Tax 
33Motor Carrier Vehicle Operation11/14
34Reinstatement of E-85 Sales Tax Deduction09/11
35E-85 Sales Tax Deduction Repealed05/12
36Electronic Filing and Payment Mandates07/14
37Allowable Alternative Forms of Signature02/13
38Marion County Admissions Tax and Marion County Supplemental Auto Rental Excise Tax02/13
39Licensure Requirement for Truck Stop Owners02/14
40 Deleted 12/23/19 - County Innkeeper's Taxes (Replaced by General Tax Information Bulletin #204)11/19
41Carryforward of Repealed Tax Credits07/14
42Change in Nonresident Tax Rates for Local Income Tax on or After January 1, 201708/16
43Rates for the Gasoline License Tax, Special Fuel License Tax, and Motor Carrier Surcharge Tax 05/20
44Repeal of the Inheritance Tax, Estate Tax, and Generation Skipping Tax12/19

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