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Important Notices

  • Repeal of Utility Services Use Tax and Utility Receipts Tax

    Indiana repealed Utility Services Use and Utility Receipts taxes effective July 1, 2022. Although these laws are repealed, you must still file any past-due returns and pay taxes due to DOR.

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  • 2022 Legislative Synopsis is Now Available

    The 2022 Legislative Synopsis includes legislation passed by the 2022 Indiana General Assembly. To find laws contained in Indiana Code, acquire more information about recently passed legislation, or to read the bills in their entirety, visit the Indiana General Assembly's website.

    2022 Legislative Synopsis

  • $125 Automatic Taxpayer Refund Information

    Thanks to efforts over the last nine years that have allowed Indiana to fund critical needs while maintaining our state’s competitive tax environment, many Hoosier taxpayers will receive a one-time $125 taxpayer refund under Indiana’s "Use of Excess Reserves" law. More information, including eligibility, is available on DOR’s Automatic Taxpayer Refund information page (see below).

    Potential Additional Taxpayer Refund Announced

    On June 10, Governor Eric Holcomb announced his plan to call a special session to return $1 billion of state reserves to Hoosier taxpayers. DOR will coordinate with the Governor’s Office and other agencies involved in the refund process to announce more information after new legislation enabling this additional refund is signed into law. To receive e-mail updates, please subscribe through GovDelivery.

  • School Scholarship Tax Credit

    School Scholarship Tax Credit Update

    A School Scholarship Tax Credit is available for individuals or corporations who donate to scholarship-granting organizations (SGOs).

    The tax credit program can award up to $17.5 million in credits for fiscal year July 1, 2021–June 30, 2022.

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  • Notification to Gasoline Distributors

    Effective July 1, 2022, the gasoline use tax rate in Indiana for the period from July 1, 2022–July 31, 2022, is $0.291 per gallon.

    See Departmental Notice #2 for more information

  • Man pumping gas

    Increase in Gasoline License Tax and Special Fuel License Tax

    P.L. 218-2017 requires the department to publish the new rates effective July 1, 2022, for the gasoline license tax (IC 6-6-1.1-201) and special fuel license tax (IC 6-6-2.5-28) on the department’s Internet website no later than June 1, 2022. For the period July 1, 2022–June 30, 2023, the following rates shall be in effect:

    • Gasoline license tax: $0.33/gallon
    • Special fuel license tax: $0.55/gallon

    See Departmental Notice #43 for more information

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