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Agency Partnership

United Collection Bureau Partnership

The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) contracts with United Collection Bureau, Inc. (UCB) as a legal collection agent who are authorized to collect delinquent tax liabilities, including applying levies, wage garnishments, etc. (IC 6-8.1-8-4).

If you have questions regarding a UCB letter, you may call 866-559-4313 or visit UCB's website.

If you are a tax practitioner and have questions about a client’s liabilities, call the UCB Tax Practitioner Hotline at 866-416-4854.

Before calling the hotline, tax practitioners should have the following:
  1. Power of Attorney (POA) information
  2. DOR Tax Identification Number (TID) and/or Warrant number

DOR requests tax practitioners not to share the practitioner hotline number with their clients as this is a dedicated resource.

Note: UCB may contact taxpayers by phone or text as permitted under state and federal law.