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Enterprise Zone Maps

The link below to our interactive map represents an estimate of the enterprise zone's boundaries, and are not guaranteed to be 100 percent precise. Contact the local urban enterprise association where your business is located to verify whether or not a specific address is located in the enterprise zone.

Each zone business must file an annual registration with its local Urban Enterprise Association and with the IEDC to claim tax savings and stay in good standing with the program. A zone business must file its Enterprise Zone Business Registration (EZB-R) or Request for Extension (EZB-E) with the IEDC by June 1 of each year. If an EZB-E is filed, the zone business has until July 15 to file its EZB-R.

Beginning in 2017, FY 2016 EZB-Rs and EZB-Es must be submitted electronically at https://iedcportal.iedc.in.gov/.

For questions about the enterprise zone program, please call the Department’s Tax Policy Division at (317) 232-7282.


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