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Total Solar Eclipse - Monday, April 8, 2024

In advance of the total solar eclipse in spring 2024, the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) is collaborating with state and national partners to support local schools as we work to ensure the safety of all students, while also maximizing this STEM learning opportunity. This page will be updated as additional information and resources become available.

The Event

On Monday, April 8, 2024, the total solar eclipse will take a spectacular journey across North America, beginning on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, traveling across the U.S. from Texas to Maine, and ultimately reaching the Atlantic Coast of Canada. Experts describe the 2024 eclipse, known as the “Great North American Eclipse,” as more spectacular than the historic 2017 eclipse. According to, the 2024 eclipse will cross over or come close to more major cities and with a maximum duration of totality that is almost two minutes longer than in 2017.

Live Stream

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Important Information for Schools

NASA Eclipse Resources

Kindergarten - Grade 2

Space Place: Lunar Eclipses and Solar EclipsesSpace Place: How is the Sun completely blocked?Exploring Earth: Bear's ShadowOur Very Own Star: The Sun (English, Spanish)
Eclipse: How can the little Moon hide the giant Sun?Experimenting with UV-sensitive beadsEdible Model of the SunSolar Eclipse Beach Ball Demonstration

Grades 3 - 5

Cereal Box Eclipse ViewerWatch and Measure a Lunar EclipseModeling Meaningful EclipsesWhen do Lunar Eclipses Happen?
Eclipse Chalk ArtDoes the Moon Rotate?Moon Phases ActivitySolar Eclipse Journal
Projecting the SunNASA Spotlite Interactive Lesson: Moon Phases and ShadowsSun TrackerExploring the Solar System: Solar Eclipse

Grades 6 - 8

Measuring Solar Energy During an EclipseMy NASA Data - Solar EclipseDistance to the MoonModeling the Earth-Moon System
Diameter of the MoonPhases of the MoonLook at the Moon: Journaling ProjectEpic Eclipse: A 'Pi in the Sky' Math Challenge
What Is an Eclipse? WebsiteEarth's Attic: The MoonSolar System TreksWhen Do Lunar Eclipses Happen?
'Eclipsing the Sun'NASA's EyesLife Cycle of a Star 

Grades 9 - 12

Watch and Measure a Lunar EclipseEclipse Science: AAPT Digi Kit for Secondary ScienceEclipsing Enigma: A 'Pi in the Sky' Math Challenge
Sun As A StarSolar Dynamics Observatory GuideMoon Glow
Measuring the SupermoonHow Astronomers Use Spectra to Learn About the Sun and Other StarsA Mathematical Model of the Sun

Additional Eclipse Resources for Educators

Scale Model of Sun and EarthParker Solar Probe WebsiteLive from the Aurora Educator GuideEarth's Moon STEM Toolkit
Solar Dynamics Observatory GuideSun STEM Tool KitEclipse ActivitiesHow to Make a Pinhole Camera
2024 Total Solar Eclipse - USA Map - NASA Pinhole ProjectorNASA CONNECTS - STEM Community of PracticeBuilding a Sun Funnel for your TelescopeMoon in Motion - Lunar Eclipses
2023 Annular Solar Eclipse - USA Map - NASA Pinhole ProjectorLunar Planetary Institute Educator ResourcesWhat does the Solar Eclipse look like on Mars?Tour of the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Total Solar Eclipse Collections and Resources in the Indiana Learning Lab

Total Solar Eclipse Resources from our State Agency Partners