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Total Solar Eclipse

Monday, April 8, 2024

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Visitors from 46 states, the Virgin Islands and several other countries experienced a total eclipse of the sun at Indiana DNR properties on April 8, 2024. Fifty-four state parks, reservoirs, state forests, fish & wildlife areas, nature preserves, and off-road state recreation areas were in the zone of totality, where those present shared in beautiful weather and one to four minutes of near-total darkness as the moon “eclipsed” the sun.

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On the afternoon of April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse – the first since the Great American Eclipse in 2017 and the last until August 2044 – will arc across the southern half of Indiana from southwest to northeast.

The zone of totality, in which it will become almost completely dark, runs through a number of DNR properties. The eclipse will first be visible in Indiana in the Mount Vernon area, and through the afternoon it will progress across the state through regions that include Linton, Bloomington, Indianapolis, Shelbyville, Muncie, New Castle, Connersville, and Portland. Along the center line of the zone of totality, darkness will last for approximately four minutes, and as you move farther away from the center line of that arc across the state, the timeframe and amount of darkness will drop.

We look forward to providing you with outdoor places to gather to watch the eclipse, great programs in the days before and during the event, and options for lodging so you can be ready and in place to enjoy it.

Need glasses?

You can purchase them at a State Park property, while supplies last.

Picture of eclipse glasses.

Printable maps

DNR locations (color)

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DNR locations (grayscale)

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DNR locations (major highways)

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Where to see the eclipse

The light purple area in this interactive map shows the zone of totality where the sun will become almost completely dark. Zoom in to see DNR locations in the path. To pan the map, tap or click in the middle and drag. Along the center line (purple), darkness will last for about four minutes, and as you move farther away from the center line, the timeframe and amount of darkness will drop. Outside the light purple area, viewers will not see complete coverage of the sun.

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