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Annual Forecast Pre-Order Survey

Annual Pre-Order (Forecast) Survey Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to provide support and resources when for completing the survey. Remember to complete the survey in the FDP link in CNPweb and be sure to verify the Department of Defense (DoD) allocation is correct, if applicable.

  1. Annual Pre-order Forecast Survey Training
  2. USDA Foods List of Materials and Pricing - IDOE Offerings
  3. USDA Foods List of Materials and Pricing - USDA Full List
  4. USDA Foods Available List for School Year 2023 - 2024
  5. Processed USDA Foods and Associated Processors for Survey 2023-2024
  6. USDA Foods Product Information Sheets for Direct Delivered Items
  7. Annual Pre-order Survey Monthly Usage Worksheet
  8. Annual Pre-order Survey Direct Delivered (Brown Box) Usage Worksheet
  9. Annual Pre-order Survey Frequently Asked Questions
  10. Processing Brokers and Manufacturers List