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Indiana Graduates Prepared to Succeed (Indiana GPS)

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With the passage of House Enrolled Act 1514 in 2021 and the requirement to launch a school performance dashboard, Indiana has an opportunity to re-envision how we strategically measure school performance. How can we shine a spotlight on how our schools are helping students build the important knowledge and skills that will empower their success after high school?

We know our students are more than just a single test score, and no matter whether a student’s next steps include enrollment, employment, or enlistment leading to service, we all share a commitment to best prepare Indiana’s students for the future. Together, our mission is to empower Indiana’s families, educators, school administrators, and community leaders with a learner-centered, future-focused dashboard that displays how our students are building these skills -- in all grades and all schools -- through the Indiana Graduates Prepared to Succeed dashboard, or Indiana GPS.

Indiana GPS will define a set of characteristics graduates must possess to achieve lifelong success and launch a transparent, nimble school performance dashboard to illustrate how, together, we are supporting students, starting in kindergarten, to meet those expectations.

The Indiana GPS dashboard is built by Hoosiers...for Hoosiers, with a focus not on punitive action, but on continuous improvement for our students. And while this is a paradigm shift in terms of school accountability for Indiana, the foundational components of the Indiana GPS characteristics are not new for Indiana students or educators.

School Performance Dashboard

The school performance dashboard will prioritize access, elevate excellence, and empower all who support our students’ learning. The dashboard will:

  • Empower educators by defining clear expectations for student knowledge in the Indiana GPS characteristics.
  • Support families and community stakeholders by providing them meaningful, relevant, and transparent information about school progress and performance.
  • Elevate the highest-performing schools as models of excellence, and identify other schools for additional support.

What are the Indiana GPS Characteristics?

Following public engagement with stakeholders across the state, the Indiana State Board of Education determined a student’s ability to display these five characteristics, which best indicate a student’s preparation for success after high school, will comprise the framework for the Indiana GPS dashboard:

  • Academic mastery;
  • Career and postsecondary readiness (credentials and experiences);
  • Communication and collaboration;
  • Work ethic; and
  • Civic, financial, and digital literacy.

Why is this Important?

Amid a shifting global economy, Indiana’s high school graduates are not fully prepared for lifelong success.

  • About 40 percent of high school students in Indiana have no plan for life after graduation.
  • Of the Hoosier graduates who do pursue postsecondary education after high school, fewer than half complete the diploma program on time.
  • As more employers require postsecondary credentials for entry-level jobs, just 25 percent of Indiana students secure a postsecondary credential in the four years following high school graduation, and only 33 percent secure a credential in six years.

Disparities have only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is especially true among historically disadvantaged students.


As next steps, IDOE will continue to solicit public comment and stakeholder input on indicators to measure each Indiana GPS characteristic, which the SBOE will consider at its December meeting. These indicators will then inform the development of Indiana’s school performance dashboard. While some of the proposed dashboard measures already exist and are reported by IDOE, some are new and will require innovative methods for collecting or accessing new data. To accomplish the vision of Indiana GPS, some measures are truly aspirational and will need to be built through a multi-year research and development process.

How Can You Get Involved?

Please share your feedback regarding the potential indicators for Indiana's GPS dashboard via public comment by 5pm on November 30.