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Indiana Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs) are expected to meet high standards of excellence and rigor. Only through regular reviews and annual reporting can the Indiana Department of Education ensure EPPs are providing high quality preparation for future Indiana educators. Therefore, EPPs are expected to meet the national standards of the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) in order to maintain national and state accreditation. While the department is responsible for monitoring all reviews and accreditation status, the Indiana State Board of Education is responsible for determining final state-recognition status of all EPPs (511 IAC 13-1-1).


The National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the Teacher Education Accreditation (TEAC) merged into one, new national accrediting organization or CAEP. Beginning July 1, 2013 CAEP became the sole accrediting body for EPPs. New standards, with a greater emphasis on program completer effectiveness, went into effect for all future accreditation visits in 2016. Visits typically occur every seven (7) years. Indiana and CAEP finalized a partnership agreement in 2015. A copy is available for review at http://caepnet.org/working-together/state-partners

Program Review

Program areas specific to an EPP and leading to licensure, such as Social Studies Education or Teachers of English Learners, are also expected to meet the Specialized Association Standards (SPAs) unique to the licensure content area and are individually reviewed as a part of the regular CAEP review process. Content areas without a SPA are reviewed by a team of reviewers organized by the department and follow a similar review process as required by the SPAs. Initial Licensure/Post-baccalaureate programs, such as Transition to Teaching, will no longer be reviewed by an IL/PB SPA after Spring 2017 and also will be reviewed by a state team.

Any program area accredited by a “CAEP Recognized Accrediting Association” does not require a SPA or Non-SPA review by the state. Click here for a list of approved associations.




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