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EMS Training

EMS Training

EMS Section Contact Information

About Indiana EMS

Map of Indiana counties with color-coded districts with numbers and people's contact info
EMS District Managers (click for contacts)

With more than 800 provider agencies, operating more than 2,000 emergency ambulances, by more than 24,000 emergency medical personnel, EMS is the frontline of our health care system safety net and stands proudly at the intersection of health care, public health and public safety.

EMS personnel earn certifications at different levels: emergency medical responder (EMR), emergency medical technician (EMT), advanced EMT (AEMT) and paramedic. These certifications prepare and authorize them to perform specific types of medical care, which are listed in the EMS scope of practice.

State legislation in recent years has paved the way for an innovative patient-centered model of care called Mobile Integrated Health (MIH), also known as community paramedicine. Learn more about MIH in Indiana as the field of EMS continues to change.

Map of Indiana counties with color-coded districts with numbers
EMS District Managers (click for contacts)


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Adding Social Security Numbers to Acadis

To be compliant with the rules and regulations associated with the EMS Compact, which allows Indiana certified EMS personnel to practice in other EMS Compact member states, the EMS Section is required to collect Social Security numbers from all current license holders and new applicants. Indiana EMS personnel are asked to enter their Social Security number into their existing Acadis account. Only the last four digits will be visible and will be used for identity verification, particularly with the National EMS Coordinated Database. Read additional instructions and information

Training Grant Opportunity for Fire Departments and EMS Providers
The Indiana Department of Workforce Development offers the Employer Training Grant, which allows employers in a high-demand business sector to be reimbursed up to $5,000 for each newly trained current or new full-time employee, and up to $1,000 for high school students. Paramedics/EMTs and firefighters are on the list of eligible occupations. Learn more and apply

EMS Training Areas

  • Individual Certifications


    Go to the Individual Certifications page for the following:

    • General information
      • Continuing education guidelines
      • Certifications dishonesty overview
      • Certifications quick reference guide
    • Applications, renewals and other guidance
      • Reciprocity applications and curriculum
    • How to register for testing
    • Websites that offer free online courses that can be used for continuing education hours
  • Training Institutions and Primary Instructors Information

    Training Institutions and Primary Instructors Information

    Go to the Guidance and Forms for Training Institutions and Primary Instructors page for the following:

    • Training institution certification information
      • Reference manual
      • Applications
      • Rules and regulations
      • Course checklists and skills sheets
    • Primary instructor certification information
      • Prerequisites
      • Pathways
      • Forms
    • Core course information
      • Course requirements
      • Course standards
      • National education standards and instructional guidelines
      • Links to EMS courses and training references on autism, SIDS, POST, START Triage, Narcan, epinephrine and monitoring blood glucose levels
  • Service Provider Certifications

    Service Providers

    Go to the Service Provider Certifications Forms and Information page for the following:

    • Emergency vehicle equipment checklist
    • Provider applications, forms and equipment lists for:
      • Air ambulance
      • ALS
      • BLS
      • Supervising hospital
    • Vehicle certification application, insurance form and accident reporting form
    • Blood and body fluid exposure notification form
    • Pre-hospital DNR declaration form
  • Mobile Simulation Laboratory

    Mobile Simulation Laboratory

    Go to the EMS Mobile Simulation Laboratory page for the following:

    • Overview of the Mobile Sim Lab program
    • How to request training by the Sim Lab