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Secured School Safety Grant Program

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  • The Secured School Safety Board awarded more than $19 million to 392 school organizations for the FY2022 Secured School Safety Grant. View FY2022 awards
  • Mental Health Services MOU Guidance: Find guidance on the mental health services requirement passed in 2020 in the Resources Section below.
  • Refer to the Secured School Safety Grant Helpful Hints document for assistance on applying using IntelliGrants.

About the Secured School Safety Grant Program

Since being signed in to law in 2013, the Indiana Secured School Safety Grant (SSSG) Program has served as a critical resource to ensure Hoosier schools are safe and secure. The program has awarded more than $110 million in matching grants to Indiana school districts across the state to address potential safety threats and help them prepare. The program supports a dedicated state grant fund that provides matching grants to school corporations, accredited non-public schools, charter schools or a coalition of school corporations and/or charter schools applying jointly to:

  1. Employ a school resource officer* (salary, benefits and basic 40-hr training course);
  2. Conduct a threat assessment; and/or
  3. Purchase equipment to restrict access to the school or expedite the notification of first responders;
  4. Support firearms training in districts that choose to implement such programs (new for FY20);
  5. Support the implementation of a student and parent support services program (new for FY20);
  6. Fund the one-time startup costs of an active alert warning system (new for FY 20)

The budget passed during the 2019 General Assembly session allocated $19 million to the SSSG program for school grants and administrative costs.

secured school grant funding table

*School Resource Officer (SRO) Qualifications: To qualify for funding through SSSG, an SRO must be a graduate of the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board (LETB) basic training program per Indiana Code (IC 5-2-1-9), have received (or is in the process of receiving) 40 hours of SRO training through the LETB, the National Association of School Resource Officers or another program approved by the LETB, be assigned to one or more school corporations, private or charter schools, and be currently employed/appointed by a law enforcement agency. Also, following 2019 legislative changes, SSSG is now able to reimburse schools for employing a law enforcement officer and/or entering into a MOU with local law enforcement agency for a LEO to serve in schools. SSSG will reimburse for salary and fringe benefits for LEO staff. Schools are also able to apply for the LEO to take the 40-hour BASIC SRO training and become a certified SRO, if applicable.

Application (Notice of Funding Opportunity)


  • 2018 School Safety Recommendations

    2018 Indiana School Safety RecommendationsIn March 2018, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb issued a letter commending the state for its leadership in school safety initiatives. He requested an additional $5 million be allocated to the Secured School Fund to support safety initiatives and directed Bryan Langley, executive director of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, and David Woodward, director of School Building Physical Security & Safety for the Indiana Department of Education, to lead a group of experts in establishing recommendations that would address the unique threats facing schools today. The complete recommendations were delivered to Gov. Holcomb on Aug. 1, 2018.

    Over the course of more than four months, several key focus areas to enhance school security were identified through the efforts of the working group. Indiana must address gaps in areas that go beyond hardening our buildings and training to respond to incidents. An increased emphasis on enhanced and expanded mental health services as well as the adoption of equipment and technology impacting school safety is needed. In addition, it is recommended that policy makers re-evaluate the scope of eligible projects and the funding formula for the Secured School Fund. Finally, it is clear that multiple agencies and groups collect data on trends, threats, and student behavior, but that information is rarely shared with all the stakeholders with an interest in student well-being. The recommendations set forth in this report will help Indiana take school security to the next level and further establish the state as a national standard when it comes to protecting children.

    Updates on the Recommendations

  • Active Shooter Preparedness
  • Advances from the Common School Fund

    A school corporation or charter school who has applied for and been awarded a matching grant from the Indiana Secured School Fund (established at Ind. Code 10-21-1-2) may apply for an advance from the Common School Fund. Details on the advance program and the application for an advance may be found here.

  • Indiana School Safety Information
  • Indiana Secured School Safety Board

    The Indiana Secured School Safety Board was established to approve or disapprove applications for matching grants through the Secured School Safety Grant Program. Visit the board's webpage for more information.

    Secured School Safety Board Contact

    Rusty Goodpaster
    Secured School Safety Director

  • News/Updates Archive


    Anticipated FY2021 Opening (6/17/20)

    IDHS anticipates that the Secured School Safety grant application period for FY2021 will open in July 2020 and that the performance period will be Sept. 1, 2020, to Aug. 31, 2021.


    2019 Awards (12/19)

    The Indiana Secured School Board has approved more than $19 million in matching state grant funds, marking the largest ever single-year investment in safety initiatives at Hoosier schools.

    The $19 million in awards allows the Board to partially or fully fund all top-priority projects identified by 429 schools in their applications to the Secured School Safety Grant program (SSSG). In addition, the Board fully funded all eligible projects geared toward creating health and wellness support services for parents and students, a newly eligible category passed in April by the General Assembly.

    Every school that applied for FY20 funds has received notification that their top priority requests were fully funded for all eligible items. With the matching funds required by schools, more than $35 million will be invested in school safety this year in Indiana.

    Update as of Dec. 1, 2019: To clarify the guidance included in the SSSG Notice of Funding Opportunity, recipients must use the awarded grant funds solely for the approved project. The recipient’s matching fund portion can be spent at the discretion of the recipient—so long as the match is spent on one of the six allowable categories under the grant guidelines. At the time a reimbursement is requested from the program, recipients must be able to show all expenditures were allowable under the grant guidelines and program award letter.

    If you have additional questions regarding allowable expenditures, please submit your question to the Grants Management team. Suggestions on an equitable distribution plan for future grant cycles can be submitted here.

  • Previous Distributions and Support

    For more information on distribution and support, please visit the Data and Statistics page.

    The awarding of grants began in 2014 and continues annually through the Indiana Grants Management System (iGMS). Since 2014, more than $110 million has been awarded to Indiana schools that meet the eligibility requirements in their grant requests.

    From FY14 to FY22, the Indiana Secured School Grant Board has approved 2,707 grant requests. The Indiana Secured School Grant Board has denied 73 grant requests during that period. Grant requests may be denied in whole or in part for several reasons, including requests for items or purchases that are not eligible under the statute, incomplete applications or availability of funding.

    Note: Before FY2020, there were only three categories, which were School Resource Officers, Equipment and Threat Assessments. Since FY2020, three categories have been added: Active Event Early Warning System, Student and Parent Support Services, and Other Training.

  • Mental Health Services MOUs

    Senate Enrolled Act (SEA) 246 - Mental Health Services was passed in 2020 and requires a school corporation, charter school or accredited nonpublic school to certify to IDHS that it has a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in place with a community mental health center or provider certified or licensed by the state to provide mental and behavioral health services to students before applying for a grant from the Indiana Secured School Fund.

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