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Fire Safe Cigarette Certification

Fire Safe Cigarettes

Fire Safe Cigarette Certification Overview

The Indiana General Assembly passed the Fire Safety Cigarette Act in 2008 requiring cigarettes to contain two "speed bumps" of thick paper that cause cigarettes to extinguish if they are not puffed. This law took effect on July 1, 2009, and states that all cigarette brands sold or offered for sale to any person located in the state of Indiana shall be certified by the Indiana State Fire Marshal’s Office.

This certification means the cigarettes have been tested in accordance with the test method and meet the performance standard specified in Indiana Code 22-14-7. The written certification is filed by the manufacturer with the Indiana State Fire Marshal attesting that each package complies with certain requirements.

The certification application consists of two parts: online application and written (emailed) information packet.

  • Step 1: Online Application

    Please complete the online portion of the application at

    Note: If this is the first time your brand is applying for sale in Indiana, please select the "Initial Application" option. If your brand has been certified before in Indiana but needs to apply updates or changes to the brand, please select the "Supplemental Application" option instead.

    Apply online

  • Step 2: Additional Requirements

    After completing the online application, applicants must also submit a packet with information about the brand(s) the application was submitted for. Additionally, a written letter certification addressed to the Indiana State Fire Marshal’s Office must also be included in this packet of information. This certification letter must attest that each cigarette brand applied for is in compliance with all testing requirements and performance standards set forth by Indiana Code 22-14-7.

    Please use the following for the complete list of brand information needed to fulfill the certification requirement:

    Part 1: Indicate Type of Certification

    Indicate whether this is for an initial certification (first time applying) or supplemental certification, which is required every three years or whenever cigarette brand families or cigarette styles are added or removed. Supplemental certifications become effective on the date of approval by the State Fire Marshal and will expire three years from that approval date.

    Part 2: Manufacturer Identification

    Provide your company name, address, phone number, fax number, email address, federal tax identification number and the name and title of the person completing the form.

    Part 3: Cigarette Certification

    Each cigarette brand family and cigarette style must be listed containing the following description:

    1. Brand family (e.g., Camel, Marlboro)
    2. Style (e.g., Full Flavor, Ultra Light, Full Flavor Light)
    3. Test date
    4. Name, address and phone number of the testing laboratory
    5. Length in millimeters (e.g., 98, 100)
    6. Circumference in millimeters (e.g., 24.8, 24.5)
    7. Flavor (e.g., Menthol, Non Menthol, Other (Chocolate, Candy, etc.))
    8. Filter or Non-Filter
    9. Package (e.g., Soft Pack, Hard Pack, Crush Proof Box)
    10. Marking (e.g., "FSC" or alternative marking approved by State Fire Marshal)
    Part 4: Certification Oath and Signature

    The authorized person executing this certification must be an officer, principal, director or other representative of the manufacturer. The manufacturer is certifying that the test method and performance standards required under Indiana law have been met, and that copies of each certification and approved marking have been furnished to each wholesaler.


    Please send all your packet materials to

  • Renewals

    All cigarette manufacturers must renew the certification of each cigarette brand sold or offered for sale to any person located in Indiana every three years, or any time a change is made to the cigarette brand that is likely to alter its compliance with the required reduced ignition propensity standards.

    Apply for renewal

    Note: If your brand has been certified before in Indiana but needs to apply updates or changes to the brand, please select the "Supplemental Application" option on the application.


Direct questions about Indiana’s Fire Safe Cigarette Program to

For questions about selling cigarettes in Indiana in general, review the Tobacco Enforcement page of the Indiana Attorney General's website, or contact the Tobacco Enforcement Section within the Office of the Indiana Attorney General at

View the IDHS schedule of fines and civil penalties for violations of laws, rules and requirements of federal programs administered by the agency.