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Elevators & Amusement Rides

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Reminder: All Safety Tests Required to Be Reported

A change to Indiana Code 22-15-5-4(d)(2) was implemented in 2021, affecting Form 34599, which now requires that applicants submit results of all applicable safety tests, including failed safety tests, for regulated lifting devices. Previously, failed safety test results were not required, but they are now. Please submit them along with the other tests during the renewal process using the Public Safety Portal.

Elevator Mechanic Written Competency Exam

The next exam date is scheduled for Nov. 16, 2022. Learn more about it and how to notify IDHS of your intent to take the exam below.

About the Elevators & Amusement Rides Section

The Elevators and Amusement Rides Section regulates two of the safest modes of transportation that exist today: elevators and amusement rides. As with any mechanical device, accidents can occur. However, the safety requirements for these devices are robust and accidents infrequent. It has been estimated that 275 million people travel 95,000 miles every day by elevator.

There are approximately 20,000 regulated lift devices (such as elevators, escalators and amusement rides) in Indiana. Ensuring the safety of these mechanical devices are nationally certified inspectors. These inspectors perform inspections annually in office buildings, factories, hospitals, schools, nursing homes and in other not-so-common places such as TV towers, smokestacks, steel mills and grain storage buildings. These same inspectors will be found at fairgrounds, theme parks and indoor amusement parks inspecting amusement rides throughout the spring, summer, and fall and at ski lodges in the winter.

All National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials (NAARSO) are Level 1 certified amusement inspectors.

The amusement ride inspectors completed 1,782 amusement ride inspections in 2021.

Access the Public Safety Portal

Coming Soon: Planning is underway to transfer all transactional business with IDHS to a new Salesforce platform: IDHS Services Gateway. The project will occur in phases, and the first phase will deal only with the Code Enforcement operations now taking place in Public Safety Portal. Read more

Use the Public Safety Portal for permits, licenses and inspections for elevators and amusement rides. Please use browsers Chrome or Edge; other browsers may experience issues. Visit the Public Safety Portal Help page for tutorials on using the portal.

Public Safety Portal
Note: Visit the Application for Amusement & Entertainment Permit page for instructions on applying for amusement and entertainment permits. Questions should be sent to the Code Enforcement Section at


NoteSubmit a public records request to obtain elevator database information.