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Trauma System for EMS and Guidance

The Field Triage/Trauma Rule went into effect in 2012. The following template has been created to assist your jurisdiction in integrating the Field Triage/Trauma Rule into your protocols. Medical directors should establish further guidelines and recommendations within this document that are consistent with the Trauma Rule. It is important to instruct field responders on how to determine transport times and to help establish what types of circumstances a patient’s life might be in danger by not going to a closer medical facility. These guidelines should be pertinent to your areas of operation and take into consideration the terrain and makeup of your geographic locations as well as any other conditions affecting transportation. Responders should also be reminded that if they are ever in doubt of where to transport a patient, they should utilize online medical control to help make that determination.

Understanding the Hospital Trauma Verification System

Hospitals that want to apply for status as an “in the ACS verification process” trauma center must provide sufficient documentation for the Indiana EMS Commission to conclude that your hospital complies with the requirements in the following forms:

Please submit your completed application to

Trauma Centers

Access information from the Indiana State Department of Health about trauma centers in Indiana.