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Industrialized Building System or Mobile Structure Application

Apply for Construction Design Release or Purchase Certification Label (Seal)

The same system is used to apply for a construction design release for an industrialized building or mobile structure and to purchase certification labels (seals). For questions regarding the online application for industrialized buildings and mobile structures, please email the Building Plan Review Section at Questions about seals can be directed to the Code Enforcement Section at If you experience technical difficulties using the service, contact for assistance.

Required Information
  • Information about the manufacturer of the facility
  • Information about location of the facility
  • Manufacturer/facility contact information
  • An electronic copy of the floor plan(s) will be needed for the Construction Design Release, so please ensure this information is available before starting the application process.
Other Requirements
  • You must use Internet Explorer.
  • Keep all information at hand when filing. If the web application times out, all information must be retyped.
  • To use the online service, instant access and credit card fees will apply that are separate from the normal fees. E-checks are also accepted.

Online Application for Industrialized Buildings and Mobile Structures
Note: You must use Internet Explorer for the application to work properly.


Previous Construction Design Releases for Industrial Buildings and Mobile Structures

Visit the Construction Design Releases for Industrial Buildings and Mobile Structures page to search all industrial building and mobile structure design releases by date range, specific release number or manufacturer name.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an industrialized building system?

    According to Indiana Code 22-12-1-14, "industrialized building system" means any part of a building or other structure that is in whole or in substantial part fabricated in an off-site manufacturing facility for installation or assembly at the building site as part of a Class 1 structure, a Class 2 structure or another building or structure. However, the term does not include a mobile structure or a system that is capable of inspection at the building site.

  • What is a mobile structure?

    According to Indiana Code 22-12-1-17, "mobile structure" means any part of a fabricated unit that is designed to be: (1) towed on its own chassis; and (2) connected to utilities for year-round occupancy or use as a Class 1 structure, a Class 2 structure or another structure.

  • What is a modular structure?

    According to 675 IAC, Article 15, "modular structure" means an industrialized building system other than a mobile structure intended to be placed upon a permanent foundation.

  • What is a permanent foundation?

    According to 675 IAC, Article 15, "permanent foundation" means any structural system capable of transposing loads from a structure to the earth at a depth below the established frost line without exceeding the safe bearing capacity of the supporting soil.

  • What is the fee schedule?

    See 675 IAC, Article 15, Rule 1.6 for the fee schedule for industrialized building systems and mobile structures.

Seal Identification

Each type of home has its own specific code, and the codes must be applied accordingly. Supervision of the work undertaken to site or install any of these units is the responsibility of the local building official, with the possible exception of manufactured homes sited within a mobile home park (which is controlled by the Department of Health). Any questions or concerns of the local building official in regards to construction of any of these units should be voiced to the Code Enforcement Section.

  • Modular Seal (P)

    Modular residential units are reviewed, constructed and inspected to the Indiana One- and Two-Family Dwelling Code. Modular commercial units are reviewed, constructed and inspected to the Indiana Building Code. Units constructed to either code will have Indiana Modular seals (gold). These seals can be found inside the cover of the electrical service panel and typically inside a closet on units not containing an electrical panel. When ordering seals, a "P" seal means a Modular seal.

  • Mobile Seal (M)

    The Indiana Mobile Structures Code is applicable to single mobile commercial and residential add-on structures up to and including 16-foot-wide units. Commercial mobile units that consist of more than one unit are structurally compliant to the Indiana Mobile Structures Code, while use requirements are dictated by the Indiana Building Code. The Indiana Mobile seals (blue) will be located inside the electrical service panel cover, with one for each section of a structure. When ordering seals, an "M" seal means a Mobile seal.

  • Manufactured Home Seal

    HUD Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards are applicable to HUD-manufactured homes and are specifically for manufactured homes (mobile homes). The HUD-manufactured home seals (red) are located at the rear of each section of the home, mounted on the siding approximately 12 inches above the chassis and 12 inches inward from the rear of the home.

    Manufactured housing complaint process